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Top 10 Most Beautiful & Sexiest Airline Stewardess in The World

Category: Written by admin / 09.25
When the long journey by plane, what can you do if you are bored with the standard of entertainment provided by the airlines? Chatting with strangers next to you, flipping through a magazine, or noticed how attractive flight attendant?

It seems pretty fun last activity performed, the evidence is one of the websites in the UK is conducted a survey of airlines that have the sexiest stewardess. Here's the list.

Virgin Atlantic

Combination of beautiful stewardesses in uniform red color combined with the name of the airline would have to give you an idea why the airline Virgin Atlantic first rank.

The flight attendants seemed to come from the television series Baywatch in her seductive red uniform. Just imagine a very tight pencil skirt. Then the shirt was unbuttoned very low with a scarf around his neck. No wonder the men so imaginative about them.

Thai Airways

You will get smart and attractive female figures in flight with Thai Airways, an airline of Thailand. With purple and gold uniforms, Thai Airways flight attendants will always show their best smiles.

Their hospitality you will always get in a long journey for flying with the airline. Traditional greeting "Sawasdee" and welcome the movement as you enter the plane are also not going to make your eyes off of them.


As if the temperature of the desert in the UAE is not hot enough after you get off of Emirates Airlines. How not? The Emirates flight attendant uniforms with 1001 Nights tale-style design. An open veil that hangs from the corner of a flight attendant hat around their necks so tempting.


Do you feel unfamiliar with the name of the airline? Yes, this is a new airline known after the promo video was released. AviaNova promo video looks more like a Playboy-style video promo than the airline.

AviaNova use these tactics to pick up passengers. AviaNova looking sexy flight attendants represented by a uniform that looks more like a swimsuit. Unfortunately, the Russian airline that recently declared bankruptcy.

Cathay Pacific

Sure you've heard about the rumors about the photo involving a woman with a Cathay Pacific flight attendant uniforms, airline from Hong Kong, which is horrendous when spread on the internet. Because of this, the word "sexy" to be attached to the Cathay Pacific flight attendants.

In addition, Cathay Pacific flight attendants are also skilled waddle on the catwalk. This is evidenced when a birthday celebration to-60 Cathay Pacific flight attendants they exhibit featuring stewardess uniforms from past to present.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines flight attendant from Singapore, not only beautiful, but they are also friendly. With tersanggul hair neat, uniform designs kimono with intricate motifs, they look glamorous without trying too hard.

Singapore Airlines flight attendants are also used to serve passengers with courtesy. This special service can certainly be enjoyed in all classes of aviation, both first class, business, and economics.


Looking at the flight attendant uniforms Lufthansa, the German airline, maybe you would think that the design is too simple. Although it still looks better than the other airlines are equally combines pencil skirt with a jacket. At least a scarf around the neck and Jackie O style hat makes it look a little different from the flight attendants.

Air France

Airline Air France flight from France, will make you feel short trip accompanied by a flight attendant-style tub in the uniform model designed by renowned designer, Christian Lacroix.

As if looking at a fashion show in height. Just do not expect any service french kiss, the flight attendants would never confuse business with 'pleasure'.


Forget the boring flat shoes and walking along the aisle aircraft. Etihad Airlines flight attendants, airlines from the United Arab Emirates, to know that high heels are the secret of her appeal. Note the strong legs and the flight attendants who support their beautiful bodies.


This Mexican airline went bankrupt last year. They had tried to do the bare action for the sake of raising funds for the survival of the airline in 2011. Unfortunately they failed to act. s
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