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10 Interview Tips for Men

Category: Written by admin / 08.52

First impression is the last one. The same rule applies for an interview also. The moment you step into a room for an interview, the first thing from which the panel of selectors will judge you from is the kind of clothes you are wearing. So in order to impress people you need to always look your best. This also gives the selectors an impression that you understand the importance of the situation. Below are some tips that may help you catch your dream job.

1. Suit
A well informed and well prepared knows that wearing a suit for an interview is not only formal but also put forwards your confidence, knowledge and your personality. One should always wear dark colors for an interview most preferably black or blue. Next, always wear the same color pants as the shade of your suit. The interviewer mostly observes this as you enter the room.

2. Shirts
The kind of shirt you wear speaks a lot about your personality. Always dress in a full sleeved formal shirt. It will show your decency, professionalism and high office ethics. Even if you wear a suit then also the interviewer they will notice the hem at the wrist part. White is safest color as it can go with very color.

3. Necktie
Interview is the last place where you can sport a superman or Spiderman tie. Such tie shows unprofessionalism and your casual attitude towards work. Neckties with not more than three different colors should be worn. Solid colors are always better but in case you wear patterns they should be small in size and repetitive.

4. Shoes and Socks
Your footwear is also among the first few things that are noticed by the interviewer. You should always wear neat white color socks. The socks should not be small. Wearing black color shoes are a nice decision. Make sure that the shoes are clean and the laces are neatly tied.

5. Belt
It is always a good idea to match the color of the accessories that are made from same material. Always match your belts with the kind of shoes you wear. When noticed, it will give a good impression. The belt should be of optimum size with only a small part hanging loose. The buckle should be decent and small in size.

6. Fabrics and Fittings
Make sure that you wear a fabric that suits the season. The colors of the suits should also be dark and pleasing to the eyes like Black, Navy blue or Gray. One should strictly avoid bright colors. The fitting of the dress must be perfect. It must look as if you have borrowed the clothes.

7. Accessories
One should wear minimum accessories. Men may sport a wedding ring, a watch and a necktie clip but an access of everything is dangerous. Dress as sober as you can. Wearing a diamond necktie clip or a Rolex watch may divert the interviewer’s attention.

8. Excessive Clothing Details are Critical
Before you walk into the room, check your clothes twice. You do not know how many pairs of observant eyes are waiting for you behind the door. Ensure that you clothes are wrinkle free without any loose stitching. Do not take anything for granted.

9. Hair Cut
Having a mustache or a beard is fine in an interview. However, you hair must be clean and nicely cut. You should present yourself in an organized manner that includes your hair also. This will make you look more professional, more managed and more active. You will definitely get positive remarks.

10. Feel Comfortable
This is the most important of all. When you wear something for an interview you must be confident about it. If you think it does not suit your style change immediately. Unless you feel confident, it will show up on your face. source
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