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"5 Human Error" Most Controversial Goals

Category: Written by admin / 07.46
We still remember how the rest of the England squad and its fans in a universe created anger as well as antero limp due to his unacknowledged goal Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard to the goalkeeper Manuel Neuer in the match England vs Germany in the last 16 World Cup South Africa 2010. When the game entered the 38th minute and England behind 2-1, just 38 seconds after dropping England Mathew Upson, Lampard shooting off hard toward the goal and the ball does not work Neuer was arrested.

The fans and the official team was celebrating the goal, but Mauricio Espinosa linesman did not raise his flag and referee Jorge Larrionda who led the game was still continuing the fight alias no goal, Lampard, another player and coach Capello was as if he did not believe the referee's decision which could have changed the outcome of the game interminable 4-1 victory for Germany.

Here's a list of 5 Most Controversial Goal Human Error

1. Clint Hill ( QPR vs Bolton 2012)

Two primary English Premier League clubs who are struggling to get out of the relegation zone, QPR and Bolton met on March 16 last, the game runs pretty fierce and exciting, and finally in the 20th minute defender Clint Hill could take advantage of Joey Barton's corner kick into the ball and melesakan goal, the ball is still successfully ignored by the goalkeeper but Hill and the QPR players assume the ball has crossed the line first, but the referee ignored. Controversial "ghost goal" was started back when the recording of images and video and photos after the game showed that Hill's header was indeed a goal, but the game is over and Bolton beat QPR 2-1 (Video)

2. Sulley Muntari ( Milan vs Juve 2012 )

"Gol" Muntari (which disallowed) can determine the scudetto, "Milan striker Robinho said this to reporters shortly after the match AC Milan vs Juventus 1-1 are endless. AC Milan at that time was head of the standings with 50 points followed by Juventus who lost only one point only. In the fight that took place at the San Siro that Milan could have been ahead of Juventus, but the goals that could be a decisive victory is not recognized by the referee who thought that the ball was located outside the goal line when it was saved by Buffon. (Video)

3. Frank Lampard ( Inggris vs Jerman 2010 )

This is probably one of the most public attention of world football, How could I not, when it passed Lampard goal could be the game that will benefit the UK as opposed to mental who usually fall when capable of winning 2 or 3 goals and then were able to equal let alone conceded 2 goals in less than a minute it could be a sign of "comeback" that cuup phenomenal. But another said the leader of the field, the goal was not recognized and England lost 1-4. (Video).

4. Pedro Mendes ( Man United vs Tottenham 2005 )

In that year did not Hotspurs winning team, then be able to draw against defending champions Manchester United dikandangnya throughout the game is an achievement that quite encouraging, even the Spurs could have won the game if mendes goal endorsed by the referee. From the video footage can be seen clearly how the trick Mendes MU goalkeeper Roy Carroll was standing some distance away from his goal and unable to properly catch a ball shot from distance Mendes, the ball had come off and go to the wicket, but the referee did not consider it a goal and the match ended 0-0. (Video).

5. Geoff Hurst ( Inggris vs Jerman 1966 )

England scored decisive victories over Germany was created Hurst in minutes added time, when dilesakan goal, the referee was in doubt and a brief discussion with the line judge who finally decided it was a goal kick and simultaneously for Hurst hat-trick. England beat Germany 4-2 and take England out of World Champion 1966 after a long wait for about 30 years. (Video).source
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