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Mystery Graves in Indonesia

Category: Written by admin / 07.00
Tomb Benuaq - East Kalimantan
Visit to his native tribe or tribal Dayak Dayak Benuaq Bentian interior of East Kalimantan. Graves would be easy to find the side yard or sidewalk toward the village people Benuaq. Grave Benuaq or Bentian not like a tribe in taah first lain.ketika die they will be buried inside the box that the prop by a pole or hanging on a rope. then after some years the grave was reopened and the bones of the deceased in prayer and then input into a permanent colonnaded box. usually each family has a grave each and mostly located beside the family house, not a general dipekuburan like most others in the city or village.
Almost every night the music sounded the caller ghosts of people who were holding a ceremony Beliatn dance and healing spells for the child or to pray for the dead

Stone Lemo - Tana Toraja

Place of burial or funeral corpse-shaped holes in the wall rock. This place is the result of human creations exceptional Toraja. How not wake that has been around since the 16th century was made by chiseling. At that time, certainly with very simple equipment. Lemo is located in the village (valley) Lemo. About 12 kilometers south of Rantepao or six kilometers north of Makale.
Lemo named because some models of the rock hole round, freckled like oranges or limes. Stone graves are considered the burrow paa '.
There are 75 holes in the wall rock. Some of them have statues lined the so-called tau-tau. The statues are a symbol of social position, status, and their role during the life of the local nobility.
These objects are crowded with visitors since 1960. Besides watching the stone tomb, tourists can also buy various souvenirs or walking path around the object witnessed pangi fruit ripe fruit brown. The fruits were ready to be processed and eaten as a food typical Toraja tribe called pantollo pamarrasan.

Infant Grave kambira - Tana Toraja

In Kambira still in the area of ​​Tana Toraja there baby graves, in the form of a hollowed tree, the baby's body after the embalmed and packaged, then inserted into them and the hole covered with woven palm fiber.

Trunyan - Bali

As the Balinese generally, Villagers Trunyan also known cremation, but put away in a forest. Ane there for months.
Why is the corpse that lay just in the bush was not causing the smell? And naturally, there remains the decomposition of corpses? This is the main attraction for the tourists visiting these tourist sites. Well, it was said why, in the forest area there is a tree known named Taru Menyan could smell fragrant and is able to neutralize the smell of rotting corpses. Taru means the tree, while incense is fragrant. Menyan Taru tree, only grows in this area. Be Tarumenyan later better known as Trunyan believed to be the origin of the name of the village.

Londa Steep Rock - Tana Toraja

cliff side cemetery is one side of the grave was at the height of the hill has a cave in which the crates and dead bodies in the set are grouped based on the family line. On the other hand on the balcony.

Tomb Kings Imogiri - Yogyakarta

Built around 1632 by Sultan Agung, the largest Islamic Mataram kings, the building over the tomb of the Hindu-style buildings. The gate of the tomb made of red bricks without cement Bentar shaped temple. Entering the tomb of the kings of Mataram is clearly not the same as entering the cemetery. to enter the tomb of Sultan Agung, then in addition to wear traditional Javanese clothes, we must remove footwear, also must pass through three gates.

Even that can be directly pilgrimage to the tomb of the kings that was confined to the king's immediate family or other people who got special permission from the Sultan of Yogyakarta and Surakarta.

Therefore, ordinary pilgrims who are not ready to wear traditional Javanese clothes, forced to only see the first gate is made of carved teak wood and Javanese script reads hundreds of years old, with old-fashioned door latch and padlock.
Only the cemetery caretaker who can open the gate. If after all the ordinary people could see "the content" behind the gate first, it was when the royal family came, the gates opened wide, and the public could look a bit before the gate was closed. Curiosity that is what causes the mystery of the tomb of the king of Mataram maintained.

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