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7 Steps to Overcoming Difficult Sleep

Category: Written by admin / 14.28

There are several steps to cope with sleep problems, without using drugs, but only with simple ways to do themselves:

1. At first set bedtime and wake up regularly. Sleeping at the arbitrary will make a loss in the standby state. As a result the body is always in a state of tension. If sudh is determined during sleep and awake, should be obeyed.

2. If someone is difficult to sleep, not advisable to sleep during the day. Sleeping during the day will reduce the need to sleep at night. As a result at night bed will often awake.

3. The bed should only be used for sleeping and not in use for other activities. For example watching TV, Writing and so on.

4. Do not use electronic devices such as mobile phones menjelan sleep.

5. Exercise can help overcome insomnia. Do the exercise in the afternoon or after sunset.

6. Avoid certain foods are like sweet foods beverages should be avoided at bedtime, as well as beverages that contain alcohol, tea and coffee.

7. Recommended a warm bath and drink warm milk at bedtime and reduce or extinguish the lights in the room lighting.
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