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10 Most Strange Case of Errors Mallpraktek

Category: Written by admin / 06.52
According to available data, more than 195,000 Americans died because of malpractice or error doctor of 37 million patient records each year. This figure is greater than road traffic accidents of sea and air, AIDS, cancer if combined into one.

Here are the top 10 fatal mistakes in medicine:

1. Wrong Sperm In Vitro
When Nancy Andrews, of Commack, NY, became pregnant after taking the baby tabnung in New York fertility clinic. she and her handsome husband big hopes for the success of this process. which they hope is a boy with darker skin than their parents. Following DNA tests suggested a doctor in Medicine New York, the clinic was found to intentionally use the sperm of others to be implanted into an egg Nancy Andrews'.

Then the baby was born October 19, 2004, they demanded that the owner of the clinic's malpractice action.

2. One Mesh Heart and Lung, So Dead
Jesica Santillan 17 years died 2 weeks after receiving the heart and lungs of the patient's blood type that does not fit with him. Doctors at Duke University Medical Center failed to check the compatibility before surgery began. . After the second transplant operation to try to correct the error, he suffered brain damage and complications that caused death.

Santillan, a Mexican immigrant, came to the United States three years earlier to seek medical treatment for heart and lungs. transplant Heart & Lung by the Surgeon General Hospital at Duke University in Durham, NC, is expected to improve this condition, instead of putting him in great danger; Santillan, who has type-O blood, received organs from donors of type A.

3. Testicle surgery Wrong
Another thing is the wrong operation, surgeons mistakenly throw away the healthy right testis of 47-year Air Force veteran Benjamin Houghton. Patients complain of pain and reduced the mentality of the left testis, so doctors decided to schedule surgery to get rid of fear of cancer. However, what is the removal of healthy testis, namely the right, the couple then filed a compensation of Us $ 200,000 for the fatal error

4. Post-Surgical Metal Disadvantaged Inside
Donald Church, 49, has a tumor in the abdomen when he arrived at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle in June 2000. When he returned, the tumor is gone but left behind a metal retractor therein. The doctor admitted his guilt over leaving the 13-inch metal retractor in the stomach, Fortunately, surgeons are able to lift retractor soon discovered, and he did not experience long-term pain resulting from such errors. The hospital agreed to pay compensation of U.S. $ 97,000.

5. In fact I wish Brain surgery Cardiac Surgery
Joan Morris (a pseudonym) is a woman of 67, he was admitted to the hospital to learn but a fatal mistake, because the patient had taken a wrong which should instead be operated jantungya brain surgery. the patient was on the operating table for an hour. Doctors have to make incisions in the chest, artery, flow in a tube and snaked up into her heart (a procedure with risks of bleeding, infection, heart attack and stroke).
when the phone rang and physicians from other departments were asked "what are you doing with my patient?" there is nothing wrong with her heart! ". Cardiologist who works on women and even then check the chart, and saw that he had made a great mistake. The study was canceled, and she returned to her room in stable condition.

6. Brain Operation Up to 3 Times In One Year
For the third time in the same year, doctors at Rhode Island Hospital have operated on one side of the patient's head. The most recent incident occurred November 23, 2007. 82-year-old woman underwent surgery to stop bleeding his brain and skull. Doctors begin to operate on the right side of the drilling head of the patient, although a CT scan showed bleeding on the left, according to local reports.
And last August, a man of 86 years died three weeks after a surgeon operated on in the House SakitRhode Island by accident in one side of his head.

7. One Leg Amputation
Maybe this is the most famous case that is the case of faults cutting the feet in Tampa (Florida) on 52-year man Willie King, during the cutting procedure in February 1995. Due to fatal error at the hospital his pull licenses for 6 months and fined U.S. $ 10,000 and pay a U.S. $ 900 000 against Willie King and the recent operations team also pay U.S. $ 250,000 against King

8. Error Removing Kidney Healthy
Louis Park, Minnesota, patients admitted to the Hospital Park Nicollet Metodhist because it has a tumor that is believed to be cancer. However, doctors misdiagnose and throw away the healthy kidney
"The discovery was made on the next day when examined by a team of pathology and found no evidence of any crime," said Samuel Carlson, MD and head of Park Nicollet Chief Medical Officer. Potentially cancer, kidney remained intact and functioning. To privacy and the family's request, no details about the patient.

9. Build When surgery
The man from West Virginia was admitted waking from fainting when surgery and feeling every incision of the scalpel by a team of doctors when operated, causing trauma over the past two weeks later. Sherman Sizemore then filed a lawsuit to Raleigh General Hospital Beckley, W.Va., January 19, 2006 for the operation of the investigation and determine the cause he woke up. But at the time of surgery, he reported experiencing a phenomenon known as anesthetic awareness - a state where a surgical patient may feel pain, pressure or discomfort during surgery, but can not move or communicate with doctors.
The team doctor has been wounded man with 73 years experience awake during surgery but can not move or scream in pain.

10. Cardiac Surgery Wrong
Two months after a double heart bypass surgery which is thought to save his life, the comedian and former host Saturday Night Live cast member Dana Carvey got the news: the cardiac surgeon who has had bypassed the wrong artery. It took another emergency operation to remove the blockage that threatens to kill a man 45 years, comedian and father of two children. Demanding U.S. $ 7.5 million Carvey bring a case against the hospital, saying the surgeon had made a fatal mistake "This is like removing the wrong kidney. There is a big mistake," he told People Magazine.

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