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Top 10 Applications Android Most Popular 2011-2012

Category: Written by admin / 16.35
Below is a list of 10 popular android applications which are often downloaded by users of the Android phone this month TrustedReview version.

1. Adidas MiCoach - One of the best fitness applications on the Android mobile phone

2. Cyberlords Arcology - A retro nuanced RPG Game

3. Trainline Tickets - Applications to buy tickets and view train schedules for the UK

4. Napster - Applications for streaming songs on the Android mobile phone

5. DoubleTwist Player - Media player that is complete enough

6. ADW.Launcher - Application to change the look of mobile phones, much like the application LauncherPro

7. Befunky - Applications for editing photos

8. News Republic - Applications to view the hottest news on your Android phone

9. Episodes - The application for watching streaming

10. Androidify - Application to create avatars to look like the display robotic Android

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