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Top 10 Unique Ability Various Animals

Category: Written by admin / 03.51
Cats have a mirror-like membrane behind their eyes which enable them to hunt in a very dense darkness. This membrane is called "tapetum lucidum".
This membrane reflect back light after light passes through the retina which provides another opportunity to take a photon of light when light pass again a second time. This gives a very sharp eyesight for a cat.

Many species of birds, especially those who like to migrate, can utilize the earth's magnetic field in order to stay on track / right direction in flight distance.
Scientists are still wondering how they did it, but one recent study says that might have some kind of capabilities that allow them to "see" the earth's magnetic lines as a color or light pattern that covers the sightings in the surrounding area.

Drum Fish
Some types of fish just as the drum fish "hear" use "of water bladders." He detects sound vibrations and linking these vibrations to the inner ear through a set of bones in the middle ear called the "Weberian apparatus."
Hair cells in the inner ear that respond to vibration and sound to the brain information transfer drum fish.


Most mice eyesight is not sharp, but they overcome these shortcomings by grouse at the muzzle. The rat has an long hair which is also called "vibrissae" laykanya cane for the blind.
With their antennae vibrate at the object in front of rats and other rodents mencitra shape and surroundings.


For many moths, the term "love is in the water" or love is in the clouds is something real not just the words of poets.

This soft furry insects could detect "a signal of love" called "pheromones" that emanated from the opposite sex from distances up to 7 miles or approximately 11 kilo meters. Some studies show that humans can also detect "pheromones", but this spertinya still require proof.


When a snake is "stick its-stick its" or stick its tongue "fork" it may seem silly for humans, but in fact it is useless because the snake was actually smell or feel the surroundings. A snake uses his tongue to collect particles floating in the air.
The tongue is coated is then placed into a special hole in the roof of his mouth which is called "Jacobson's organ". There and then the smells of the particles in the insert in the process and translated into electrical signals which are sent to the brain snake so the snake is able to know his surroundings.

Honey-sucking birds

Usual hummingbird sucking honey in flowers while flying capable of adapting to the wavelengths of light beyond human vision.

Birds that look yellow to us often emit light or glow with color that we do not have names for these colors, which is closer to ultra violet light.
Telescopes such as Hubble Space Telescope to make the image with ultraviolet and then given a color by his scientists so that we can enjoy the pictures.


Temperature sensitive organ located between the eyes and nostrils venomous snakes make snake can detect the body heat of their prey.

The organ is situated on each side of the head of the snake, so these animals can be watched carefully and then launched a deadly attack in spite of the darkness.


Do not ever try to play hide and seek with a huge shark because you'll likely lose. Sharks have special cells in the brain are very sensitive to electric fields contained in the body of another creature.

Such a capability is very powerful in several types of sharks until they can find fish hiding under sand by the electrical signals emitted by moving their veins.


Bats avoid obstacles by emitting ultrasonic nudge and translate reflections caused by ultrasonic waves after bouncing off surrounding objects. This biological sonar, called "echolocation" is also in use by the dolphins to swim in the sea kadalaman the dark.
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