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Top 10 Super Luxury Private Planes

Category: Written by admin / 01.03
1. Ava one

To make you feel more special, Timon Sager has designed a private jet named Ava one. Ava one machine will be powered by Boeing X-32 prototype engine thrust. Supersonic jet, comfortable and safe is equipped with solar panels on the wing, which makes it lighter. Weighs 9100 kg, Ava one using renewable energy sources. A futuristic steering control, which makes maneuvering and also comes with an attractive appearance.

2. Icon A5

DEO, Art Center, Nissan Design America, the Troy Lee Designs, Scaled Composites, and LA-based Icon Aircraft, joined forces to create the Icon A5. Sporty plane made using carbon fiber epoxy composite, reinforced, and size 22 feet in length. It has been equipped with wings that can be folded. This reduces the wingspan from 34 feet to 8.5 feet. This light aircraft worth USD $ 139,000 and is expected to be immediately flown in 2015.

3. FlyNano

Aki Suokas, a flight engineer had made an airplane named after FlyNano weighing 70 kg. Single-seat aircraft made of carbon fiber composites and can reach speeds of 70 km / h to 140 km / h and able to take-off weight of 200 kg, and even can land and take off on water. FlyNano will be available in three variants, which includes all versions of 20kW of electricity, petrol and 24 bhp 35 bhp model. FlyNano, as the name suggests, will burn a hole in your pocket nano set at € 27,000 (U.S. $ 39,000).

4. Fly Supersonic Business Jet

As seen from its name, Fly Supersonic Business Jet has been designed for people who have vast business empire. These people have busy schedules and always in a hurry. The concept of Russia has a flight time of approximately 4 hours. In total, 9 passengers can make this trip which includes 6 passengers, 2 pilots and 1 flight attendant. With a cruising altitude of 20,000 feet, with all the comforts and impressive functionality.

5. Aircraft's Cobalt Co50

Ready to compete with private aircraft manufacturers, such as Cirrus and Cessna, are Cobalt Cobalt Co50 Aircraft with the concept. With a range of mileage 1150 miles, Cobalt Co50 equipped with a 350-hp twin-turbo-charged TSIOF-550-D2B. Luxury is equipped with leather seats, which have been sewn by hand and can withstand 245 KTAS at 8,000 feet. Arranged in a graceful and luxurious, Cobalt Co50 Concept has a very spacious cabin.

6. Falx Air Hybrid Tilt-Rotor Chopper

Falx Water Ltd, a company based the UK from North Staffordshire, is the first of its kind to combine the best technology and skills in the Vertical Take Off and Landing / VTOL platforms. Having nine years experience, has been able to compile Falx helicopter platform that ensures maximum efficiency and utilization of fuel for the plane. Of course, the latest aircraft designs have been created with the clutch until the efficiency of backup batteries, electric motor technology and the most amazing.

7. U-Fly personal aircraft

If your dream is to fly in the sky, then U-Fly, designed by Gary Redman came here to give wings to you. A single-seat aircraft, then he will send you the same adrenaline as sport-utility vehicles. A person weighing up to 100kg and height of 1.9 meters can still enjoy what the U-Fly offer.

8. Oriens Glider

Oriens Glider motorglide has utilized the concept further by incorporating a transparent design. Glider, energy efficient and have been made from recycled materials. Designed by Roland Cernat, she has an organic line of glossy and clean energy. Orien has been made of flax bio-compound that gives a light weight.

9. EQP2 Excursion

Excursion EQP2 designed by Roar √ėyvind Berven and Thomas Brodreskift. The aircraft is equipped with two electric propellers and has a range of 1265 miles. It can reach a top speed of 250 mph with a seating capacity of two persons. Excursion EQP2 expected to make flying in 2013.

10. Maverick Jets Solo
Maverick Jets Jet speeds. Planes 5 seats to include more than 600 miles in just one hour and is equipped with a comfortable interior. In one minute, with a scale up to 8000 ft high. So, if you have 1.25 million dollars, then you are entitled to have a plane like this. source
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