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This is The Sum of Ants Bird Size

Category: Written by admin / 22.15
What a surprise. Discovered fossil ant "monster" in Wyoming, United States, an estimated 50 million years old. Called a monster because his body 5 inches long, while the findings outside the U.S. "only" 3 centimeters.

Intact fossil was found in the Green River Formation by fossil collector, Louis Lube. Now fossils are stored at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature.

"It's a giant ant, like other giant ant species in Germany," said an ancient insect expert, Bruce Archibald, from Simon Fraser University, when presented with the findings by the museum curator.

Archibald named Titanomyrma lubei. There are questions about the existence of giant ants in a number of continents. Allegedly the monster ants migrate from outside the American continent to Wyoming, a few million years ago, crossing the Arctic mainland when the temperature is still warm.
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