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Secret Beyond the Royal Wedding Dresses

Category: Written by admin / 11.58
Before the wedding was held, the intricacies of the ivory-colored silk dress with white lace it difficult to dikuak. No one ever knew, who the designer behind the dress maker. This is what makes her, the figure of the humble and not mastering tips dealing with the media, is considered a figure that has sparked a "coup" in the history of fashion.

He is misleading the media to sustain the veil of secrecy on the identity of the designer of her wedding dress. As planned, at 11:01 pm London time, on her wedding day, she stepped with graceful satin shoes on the red carpet in Westminster Abbey. No doubt, the whole world for the first time could see directly form the wedding dress.

Then the public found out, it turns out the designer is Sarah Burton of fashion houses Alexander McQueen, who had previously never mentioned.

Since William and Kate announced their engagement last November, no one "look" design team member Alexander McQueen. Speculation even mention designer Jasper Conran, Daniella Helayel, and Alice Temperley to Bruce Oldfield.

So, how to keep her meetings secret?

That said, it does involve a secret room, secret meetings, and tactics to avoid the "coolies media" that stalking.

According to some of her friends, Kate has a clear idea about the dream dress, even before William apply. He drew the dress Grace Kelly-like style, simple elegance and been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in April.

When the wedding date was announced, British designers waiting to hear who the designer wedding dresses of this century. Like Diana, she was the first stopover of fashion magazine Vogue.

Editor Alexandra Shulman confirmed that she was asked to compile a list of designers and put the name of Burton at the top.

Advice was also sought from Sara Buys, a fashion editor, wife of Camilla's son, Tom Parker Bowles, who chose McQueen for her wedding dress.

When was the meeting with Burton is still very secret. Members of his team even forbidden to confirm if they are finally selected. Initial consultation was mentioned on the internet and Skype, and fittings arranged in secret in Kate and William's farmhouse in Anglesey, Wales.

The dress is sewn disbeut-call in separate sessions in a unified manner the last time at Buckingham Palace, in one specific workspace.

Lace for the dress was made in the studio of the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) at Hampton Court Palace. However, the pembordir not told, where the bride who will receive the results of their work.

"We do not know who the designer, until finally the people know," said Susan Kay-Williams, chief executive RSN. It is estimated that the workers at least 12 people, including students from Britain, Japan, China, the United States, Thailand, and Germany, aged 19 to 70 years.

They need to wash my hands every 30 minutes to keep the original lace and yarn, and to replace the needle every three hours in order to maintain optimum sharpness.

Kate and Sarah is said to use a private room at Hampton Court as a secret meeting place.

At headquarters in Clerkewell McQueen, there is supposedly locked room in the executive floor. Only Burton and a few colleagues who can enter.

The special tailor "smuggled in" after the regular workers go home.

No one knows why it all could be so secret. Is it because his workers were threatened with dismissal, the lure of big bonuses, or a typical British sporting life.

Another unconfirmed rumor is she had a backup dress. That is, if a draft was revealed to the public, he'll switch to plan B or C. The dress is completed by the originally stored at Clarence House before worn Kate at the Hotel Göring.
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