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Amazing Photo: Ronaldo Escaped From Jimmy Jump Action

Category: Written by admin / 11.44
There are unique from the match Barcelona vs Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final second leg at the Nou Camp on Wednesday (4 / 5) early morning hrs. A supporter known as Jimmy Jump infiltrate into the ground.

He ran towards Cristiano Ronaldo and tried to pair a red hat on Ronaldo. But the effort failed because Ronaldo managed to escape. It is said that red hat known as barretina, red hat typical Catalan.

After failing to commit crimes, Jimmy pursued officers ran to the sidelines, before finally arrested by officers.

This is not Jimmy's first time to take action to infiltrate into the ground. Men Jaume Marquet Cot real name was never done at Soccer City Stadium before the 2010 World Cup final between the Netherlands vs. Spain.

Not only in football, 36-year-old man was also once appeared on the show Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway, in May 2010. He ascended to the stage when the Spanish contingent were skill performance.

The most memorable of the actions of Jimmy is in the final of Euro 2004 between Greece vs. Portugal. When the bald-headed man was carrying the flag and threw it towards Barcelona Luis Figo, a former Barca player who eventually moved to Real Madrid.

Rows of "action" Jimmy Jump Another was in El Clasico Barcelona vs Real Madrid, November 2005, in the Champions League semi-final 2006 between Villarreal vs Arsenal, Champions League Final 2007 between AC Milan vs Liverpool, and the semi-finals of Euro 2008 between Germany vs Turkey.
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