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Reveal the Mystery of Charles Darwin Cause of Death

Category: Written by admin / 05.59
The death of Charles Darwin, known through the work of glory "The Origin of Species" as the basic theory of evolution has long been a mystery. In an exposure in the event Historical Clinicopathological Conference, May 6, 2011, Darwin's mystery death is finally revealed

Sidney Cohen, director of research at Jefferson Medical College in Philladelphia presents the results of his analysis of Darwin's death. He said that Darwin suffered from Chagas disease, Heliobacter pylori infection and cyclic vomiting syndrome.

According to Cohen, Darwin began to suffer from Chagas disease and parasitic infection when bitten by insects that contain parasites endemic to Argentina on its way. Currently, the disease can be treated with Benznidazole and Nifurtimox.

Meanwhile, the cause vomiting or vomiting syndrome can not be parsed. The possibility that stress-related syndrome and other diseases will be lost if untreated. In the worst moment of the disease, known to Darwin vomit all the food, especially after breakfast.

Darwin is known to travel to South America and Africa, across the Pacific and the Galapagos Islands for 5 years. In his journey, Darwin suffered insect bites that contain parasites endemic to Argentina.

Although suspected that Darwin had heart disease, but the insect bites that spurred the emergence of another disease that is to say the main cause of death of Darwin. Heart disease alone is estimated to be driven by Chagas suffered.

The death of Darwin is actually a misnomer, because he is the son and grandson of a medical expert. More than 2 dozen diagnoses, including Skizophrenia dropped and variety of drugs are given, but to no avail. The doctors confused with the symptoms experienced by darwin.

Cohen said the study does add to his admiration for the Darwin. "It's hard to know how the disease affects his work. But productivity never decreases," he said as quoted by AP.

To conclude the illness of Darwin, Cohen does not use X-ray analysis of blood or whatever, because he did not have it. Cohen only analyze the many symptoms of illness experienced by Darwin.
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