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The Discovery of a Mysterious Cave on Mars and Wood Blocks

Category: Written by admin / 04.28
Mystery of the discovery of artifacts such as animal bones, human skulls and statues on Mars is still unresolved. Now the researchers found a cave and wood-shaped object on the planet Mars.

Pictures taken by NASA show that there is a cave like a mysterious door at the bottom of a hill formation on Mars. The man who first identified the door is not the NASA scientist but a reader of Russian web Cnews named Alexander Novgorodov. He saw a man-made structures such as in the foothills. This picture was taken by plane Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Mysterious Cave

The researchers suggested the possibility that the door is a result of climate erosion. Still, the door was a warm conversation considering the unique shape.

Form a hill like this tear is located in the middle of the frozen regions of Mars. Mars is the home of the largest mountain in the whole planet and the valley is the deepest of the entire planet ever found. And Mars is also the only planet that most likely can accommodate human life. Some plants proved to live in low-pressure CO2 as the atmosphere of Mars.

Photo below was taken by the Mars Rover, and recorded in the photo makes experts puzzled. Is that a piece of wood? The photo was first released in 2004.

Soon the internet world became crowded with conversation and conspiracy theories. A site called even said that NASA has said that Mars is a desert world that has a dense forest. And it was never opened to the public.

The researchers are skeptical that these wooden images obtained from the results pareidolia possibility - a random stimulus is perceived to have significance form. Like the clouds that sometimes appear to have a certain shape.
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