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Benefits and Medicinal Ants Nest

Category: Written by admin / 19.07

Ants Nest has been empirically proven to healing a variety of mild and severe disease, like cancer and tumors, gout, coronary heart disease, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, migraine, arthritis and leukemia. Regarding the mechanism of the active compound content of ant nests in treating these diseases is still necessary to conduct further research. Some diseases can be cured and the possibility of active compounds that contribute to conquer the disease is explained as follows.

The types of cancer and tumors, both benign or malignant, which can be cured with Ants Nest is a brain cancer, nasal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, and cancer blood (leukemia), except the throat and oral cavity cancer.

Ants Nest ability empirically for the treatment of various types of cancer / tumor is allegedly related to the content of flavonoids. There are several mechanisms of flavonoid in combating tumors / cancer, for example inactivation of carcinogens, antiproliferasi, inhibition of cell cycle, induction of apoptosis and differentiation, angiogenesis inhibition, and reversal of multi-drug resistance or a combination of these mechanisms.

Until now the mechanism is unclear, but the ability of ant nests for the treatment of various diseases / disorders of heart had something to do with multi-mineral content of ant nests, particularly calcium and potassium.

Treatment of stroke is strongly associated with the possibility of multi-mineral content contained in ant nests.

4. Hemorrhoid (hemorrhoids)
Ants Nest ability to hemorrhoid treatment (hemorrhoids) associated with the content of flavonoids and taninnya high. Both groups of this compound in some studies it has been proven to treat hemorrhoids.

5. Lumps IN BREAST
The meaning of lumps in the breast is not a tumor swelling (non-neoplasm). Allegedly healing mechanism similar to the cases of tumors and cancer, by relying on the ability of flavonoid contained in the ant nest.

Mechanism of treatment of renal dysfunction and prostate probably something to do with the content of antioxidants (flavonoids and tocopherol) and multi-minerals that exist in ant nests.

7. Menstruation and vaginal discharge
The process of treatment for vaginal discharge and menstruation launch something to do with the content of flavonoids, tannins, and multi-minerals, especially calcium and zinc.

8. Blood circulation
High antioxidant content (tocopherol and flavonoids) and multi-minerals contained in the nest has an important role in blood circulation.

9. Migraine (headaches)
For the treatment of migraine associated with flavonoid function and multi-minerals in ant nests, particularly calcium, sodium, and magnesium.

Treatment of tuberculosis associated with the role of flavonoids contained in the ant nest that serves as an antiviral.

11. Rheumatic (arthritic)
This is related to the ability of flavonoids as inhibitors of xanthine oxidase and antioxidant enzymes as well as tocopherol as an antioxidant and multi-minerals contained in the ant nest.

12. ALLERGIC NASAL DISORDERS, nosebleeds, sneezing
The compounds responsible for this disorder are antioxidants (tocopherol and flavonoids) and tannins.

13. Heartburn
As with tuberculosis, which plays a role in ulcer treatment are flavonoids contained in the ant nest as an antibacterial.
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