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7 Unique Food of Africa

Category: Written by admin / 03.32
Whatever you think after reading this post, it should be recognized black continent save many unique start until culinary traditions. Watch it and if interested, feel delicious


In brief, mysterious meat known as bushmeat. You never know what they managed to capture and serve to bushmeat front of you with a label may be a crocodile, possibly a snake, rat tomorrow, after tomorrow monkeys, wild cats next week, and perhaps also wild dogs, you can eat with gusto, depending on 'luck 'you.

Countries that are often stricken by famine, such as Kenya, Ivory Coast and Guinea, have to live this way. Mysterious meat was fried, baked or boiled and seasoned as complete as possible and then dined together. Interesting is not it? You never know what you eat! Maybe that's the challenge, and surprise!

cow blood

The Masai like all this food, and often consumed with how mixed milk, cow's blood is believed to strengthen human among Masai tribe. Blood was taken by way of punching holes in the main blood vessels cows with arrows, and after sufficient blood, the hole is closed, so the cattle had been recovered. This method can be repeated once a month without causing the cow had been threatened.
Separated frozen blood, and blood mixed with pure liquid and drink raw milk. In some other tribes, the blood is mixed with sour cream and cooked until thick, like scrambled egg.

mopane worm

Mopane is a type of moth that can only be found in South Africa. Mopane caterpillars are considered as a unique food delights. These caterpillars collected in the wild, squeezed and squeezed to remove fluid that is in the caterpillar. After the last push, the caterpillar and then collected to be dried in the sun or with the fumigation process to add flavor.

Dried caterpillars are then eaten raw as a snack, or first soaked and then cooked with vegetables. According to those who never ate, it was not much different from green tea leaves.

fried locust

Maybe this is the way people in Africa revenge against damaging pest of this plant (tanamanku You eat, I eat you), yes if it may be likened to that. According to the Nigerian people, it's tasty!

In this country, if there are locusts invaded the plant, not long after a lot of people chewing on a snack of grasshoppers. But that does not mean for them this is a famine, because for them fried grasshoppers more delicious than caviar. How to cook it easy, cut wings, sprinkle with seasoning, saute briefly, then dry in the sun until cooked. Nyammm .. tasty!


This insect was very interesting to be captured and collected. In Uganda, termites caught by a strange boom in musical instruments and the results of these termites will come out of their nest. Elsewhere, the tip of the nest one will be a trap, while the other end of the nest is closed, so the termites will walk alone into the trap.

In addition to capturing the unique ways, how to cook it is also unique, in Maragoli, termites, dry fried until the fat out and then seasoned salt. In Nigeria, termites baked or fried in oil, roasted, or ground into flour.

goat's head

Goats head is served at many upscale restaurants in Nigeria. Head had been cleared of hair covering the scalp with the way shaved and then burned. Once clean, the head is cut into pieces with axes and boiled with garlic seasoning, tomatoes, ginger, chilli, with various other spices.

The most enjoyable part according to the story is the brain, tongue, ears and eyes. Goat's eyes are usually given to the guest of honor. So if you're lucky (or unlucky huh?) You will get a piece of goat eye on your plate!

weevil larvae

Weevil is a kind of African beetles that were encountered in this Dark Continent. In countries such as Nigeria, this beetle larvae called grubs sagoo. The length of these larvae can reach 10 cm by 3 cm wide, with a very high fat content.

Locals say that Nigeria will these larvae are larvae most delicious you'll feel. Make sure that the larvae are taken from the sago tree, then set up this way split, washed and fried to a perfect pleasure. Want to (or rather, brave) try? O well, the next challenge: eat raw and alive. People of Nigeria, was fond of eating these foods once in a state of alive.
Thank for sharing!

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