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Top 10 Most Talented Guitarist Beauty Girls From Indonesia

Category: Written by admin / 05.32
1. Prisa RIANZI

Besides having a beautiful face, a guitarist named Adina Arini Rianzi Prisa complete this master guitar playing above average. Metal genre of music produced from his guitar is the result of inspiration from bands that are favorites of the world, like God Forbid, Trivium, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Megadeth, Slayer, Unearth, Lamb of God, The Black Dahlia Murder .

The girl was born in Jakarta, January 6, 1988 was also elected as the guitarist had Zero 7 as an additional player for the album promo SO7 in July 2006, and guitarist J-Rock to the tune of You Steal Again in August 2007. His career is quite interesting, especially at the beginning of playing the guitar, he was only armed with the lessons because he wanted to beat his friend. Prisa Until finally succeeded, and in July 2008, he released his first solo album titled Prisa - not just as a guitarist but also co-authored some of the lyrics.


The girl's full name Cameria Pramita Happy was born in Jakarta, January 2, 1986. Since adolescence he had mastered the guitar. Even as a junior he had started the band with his friends. Mitha had also formed a band called the Million Sekarsari and replace the position of Ayu Ratna in Garage Band for a while. Travel promising career when taken Ahmad Dhani.

He was asked to become lead guitarist of The Rock's version of Indonesia, which became the trigger spike in his career. Success at The Rock, Mitha believed to form a group that is still under the care of Dhani's called The Virgin. Here his career more rapidly until taken to singing along with Mulan Jameela in the song Love the Dead II and the Love-Fitr. Another project namely Dhani T.R.I.A.D. also take Mitha as a guitarist.


Starting from his love of listening to classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Skid Row, Motley Crue to since childhood, Tashea fell in love with color metal guitar sound. The girl was born in Jakarta, July 10, 1988 was also a self learning, and eventually founded a band called Painkiller in 2003 and launched the indie album.

Texas mulatto girl-Medan has also produced a compilation album metallic CLINIC 9. In 2008, Tashea was asked to mentor the English-language song of the band Radja, which eventually led him to become a model video clip Like Win-owned by Ian Kasela et al and involved in various concerts Radja.

4. Chua BOXES

Girl born in Makassar, 3 April 1988 is already beginning to recognize the music world since in junior high school in his hometown. The girl's full name Swasti Sabdastantri familiarly called Chua, the flying wing when the college. Appearing on the show with the band one of the campus, Chua captivate an indie band manager V-Mail - the band who was sheltered Mitha The Virgin. He then recruited V-Mail and perform at some events. Soon, Chua growing career. He was appointed as a bassist Box in making a second album. Chua is the third bass pembetot Box after abandoned Prinzes 'Icez' Amanda is now a personnel TRIAD and Nissa Hamzah who migrated to the Omelette.


Icez began his career with bassist auditioned at The Dream Band. At that time he was so confident with his talents as a bass pembetot who have skills above average. Stunning performance won him the title as the best bassist. The girl was born in Bandung, June 8, 1987 this was a bassist and finally captured the band as bassist Ahmad Dhani The Rock Indonesia.

6. DODO D'Cinnamons

Real name Diana Widoera, Dodo is one of the founders of the official D Cinnamons in 2004. Not just on guitar, Dodo also acts as a vocalist. Her voice was a little tough to make people amazed. Moreover, with the rebound acoustic guitar if you already started playing. Dodo arguably be one of the guitarists plus a vocalist that is worth mentioning.


The full name of this sweet girl is Qotrunnada Fitri. Qoqo presence in SHE started from the turn of Jesica Lindross who must follow her husband into Finland. Direct Qoqo believes holds the electric guitar in a rebound nicely SHE songs. Terbungsu personnel are able to give the feel of rock in this band that made their second album different color than the previous. Many say also that Qoqo more ferocious than Jesica.

8. Oppie Andaresta

Appears in the country music scene with guitar and voice merdunya, women born in Jakarta, January 20, 1973 is directly have a place in the hearts of music lovers. The five albums he had produced from 1993. Travel career quite smooth. Unfortunately, Oppie rarely heard from again. Finally in 2009, he 'only' launched a single called I'm Single, I'm Very Happy. The single was released - without an album, as taste is concerned Oppie against rampant piracy in the country.

9. Nissa Omelette

His real name Tjut Faranissa Bachrumsyah. Bassist one was born in Jakarta, 22 April 1989 and recorded already joined various bands such as Aria Grands, Egg Ceplok, Music School All Stars, Box, and eventually empties into the Omelette. Initially, Nissa know music since she was a toddler. Understandably, the mother turned out to be one of the best-selling band Aria personnel on TVRI in the era of the 1980s. From there he was directed to get to know the music further.

He was asked to explore the piano. But eventually the piano does not make him fall in love, and eventually he was interested in the bass in 6th grade. Over his career, in 2005 the end, Thomas was offered Nissa BASS HEROES Ramadan on the album are under the care of Sony BMG - and appeared on Rush song.


Maybe the name of Jojo rarely known in Indonesia. Understandably, this Java-blooded singer better known abroad. His career began a keyboardist several rock bands, before finally moving to America where he studied music at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. In 1996, guitarist named Josephine Soegijanty joined the girl band called Phantom Blue.

He uses his real name, Josephine, until eventually the band broke up in 2001. And in June the same year, Jojo with drummer Linda McDonald, vocalist Jenny Warren, bassist Melanie Sisneros, and guitarist Sara Marsh (former personnel Bandit) to form a tribute band called The Iron Maidens. This is a tribute band is the only woman in the world to Iron Maiden. Here he became Adrienne Smith, female version of Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith.

Accomplishments he achieved the three-Rock City Awards as Best Female Guitarist. In 2005, The Iron Maidens Jojo leave and pursue a career with her husband, Danny Draven, working on compositions for the film score.
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