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Top 10 Best Free Applications For Twitter

Category: Written by admin / 21.32

Twitter is one of the leading social networking platform in the world. Among individuals and businesses can benefit from the service Twitter. They usually use twitter to tweet updates, news, and marketing. The following will be explained about the 10 best free applications for Twitter in terms of helping users to find Twitter followers, managing multiple accounts, and get the most from the experience of their tweet:

10. URL shortening services are popular. If you enroll in, you will have easy to add a tweet from several accounts to your profile. Service also has a function to shorten the URL of your Twitter account without having to log into Twitter.

9. Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter Advanced Search function to find keywords that you want. In entering keywords you can select the language, friends, location and date. For a more in-depth search, you can find in common hobby and business.

8. Twitter Lists

You can create a list of list of your Twitter account. This list serves to facilitate the grouping of friends on Twitter. Example list: lists for friends, celebrities, etc..

7. Social Oomph

Social Oomph (formerly TweetLater) is a free service that lets you give direct command automatically mesage to the followers / follower.
If you join an affiliate program Social Oomph, you will be given a link that is placed on your site. When someone clicks one of these links, they will be brought to the site and you'll Social Oomph given a commission.

6. Twitter Karma

Twitter Karma is an application to find out who the members of your twitter. What is the relationship with each other to follow, follow them, or just follow you.

5. Twellow

Twellow is one application that allows you to navigate directories twitter. This application makes it easy to browse a particular category or search for specific keywords in the bios twitter.

4. TwitterCounter

TwitterCounter is a monitoring tool to find out how many people are following you. This application serves to determine if your ratings go up or down.

3. Tweepi

Tweepi allows you to enter a user name of a member of Twitter, and view statistics about the member's followers such as the number of followers and following, when status was last updated, how much of a status returned by someone else.

2. Twitterfeed

Twitterfeed is a service that allows to automatically tweet for one or more RSS Twitter account. You can enter the URL to the RSS feed API, and you will get this information from RSS feeds. This is a great way to update the information interesting so that followers will get the information that has been written in your Twitter feed.

1. HootSuite

HootSuite is one of the best tools for managing twitter. This application allows you to manage multiple accounts in a tabbed interface, and your account will have several features to make search, direct message, register, etc.. You also can shorten the URL in the dashboard HootSuite, and track statistics for tweets.

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