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Luxury Hotels of The Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Geneva

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What's it like living in a hotel with over half a billion overnight rates? In this most expensive hotel you can feel the comfort, security management with beautiful scenery unforgettable.

The Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel, located in Geneva is the world's most expensive suites.

Suite was originally known as the Imperial Suite at the rate of U.S. $ 35,000 or overnight in 2006. Then the price went up to U.S. $ 65 thousand.

This suite occupies the entire top floor of President Wilson Hotel is equipped with a private elevator. It offers spectacular views of the city of Geneva, Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva.

Although you have that much money, but not all can be booked luxury rooms. Because not all guests could stay, because it can only be ordered by the head of state, official, top billionaires and celebrities are famous fragrant. Orders will be accepted directly by the head of the hotel. It offers a full security suite. Doors and windows are bulletproof. If your security is really driven there by helicopter evacuation service. Helicopter service there is always a place.

Some of the figures who once lived here are former U.S. President Wodrow Wilson, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, former British Prime Minister Tony Blaire, billionaire Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

This suite consists of four bedrooms, six bathrooms with marble mosaic floors, a cocktail room and terrace with spectacular views. The floor was made of wood and marble with touches of contemporary-traditional.
Inside there are also Longe enough to accommodate a cocktail party 40 delegates with a view of the fountain. This room is also equipped with a large mahogany table that can accommodate 26 guests. In addition to the facilities that generally found in five-star hotel, these suites are equipped with child care, minibar, satellite TV.
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