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The late Most Valuable Advice From Charlie Chaplin To Daughter

Category: Written by admin / 09.05
Charlie Chaplin was an English comedy actor multi-talent who is very famous in the history of Hollywood in the era of black and white film.

(16 April 1889 - December 25, 1977)

Besides acting Chaplin also has the ability as a director, wrote the script, as well as filling illustration of music in the movies its own production. Childhood of near poverty and poverty does not necessarily make it a broken spirit.

Small Chaplin once lived in the house shelters the poor, working for food and shelter benefits in the area of ​​Lambeth, London. Together with his sister Sydney Chaplin, Chaplin fought shoulder to shoulder in order to survive.

At a very early age Chaplin had started acting from stage to stage in a comedy show Music Hall.

Until then Chaplin joined the comedy group Fun Factory slapstik under the care of Fred Karno, who took him to know a movie producer named Mack Sennett who was impressed with the acting Chaplin.

Sennett and Chaplin contracted to play in films produced by Keystone film studio. Arguably this is the beginning of Chaplin's career in the world of film at once familiar with filmmaking techniques.

Summary testament to his daughter Geraldine Chaplin Charlie Chaplin

Daughter Geraldine, I'm far from you, but a wink face was never far from my mind. But you where? In Paris on stage majestic theater ... I know this is that in the stillness of the night, I heard your steps. I heard your role in the theater, you appear as the daughter of the ruler who is captured by the Tartars.

Geraldine, you become a star player but if you hear the praise of the audience and you smell the heady fragrance of flowers sent for you, watch out. Sit down and read this letter ... I am a father. Now is your turn to perform and reach peak pride. Now is your turn to float into the sky with loud applause of the audience vote.

Fly into the sky but never pijakkan feet on earth and see the life of the community. Life that they show an empty stomach as hunger in their legs bergemetar because of poverty. I used one of them.

Geraldine's daughter, you do not know me very well. On nights when away from you I tell you many stories but I never expressed sorrow and grief. t's also an interesting story. A story about a hungry clowns who sing and receive alms in the worst place in London.

This is my story. I have felt the hunger. I feel the pain of poverty. What's worse, I have felt the pain and humiliation that hobo clown that keeps the ocean waves of pride in his heart. I also feel that urang coins charity that pedestrians did not undermine his self-esteem. Yet I'm still alive.

Geraldine's daughter, the world you live in it is the world of art and music. Middle of the night when you come out of that theater, you can forget the cult of wealth. But the taxi driver take you home to home, ask his wife's condition. If he does not have the money to buy clothes for their children, sisipkanlah money in his pocket by stealth. Daughter Geraldine, occasionally take the bus and subway. Consider the community. Recognize the widows and orphans and at least for one day only say: "I am also a part of them."

In essence you really like them. Art before giving two wings to man to fly, he would break her legs first. When you feel has had the upper hand, while it also leave the theater and go to the outskirts of Paris by taxi. I'm familiar with that area. There you will witness the artists like you. They are acting more and more beautiful than you appreciate.

The difference is there will not be like the lights you find in teatermu. Ketahuliah that there are always people who act better than you. Geraldine my daughter, I am sending this check for you, spend as you please. But when you want to spend two francs, think that the third francs is not yours.

It belongs to a poor who need it. If you so desire, you can find poor people very easily. If I had a lot to talk to you about money, it's because I know the power of their 'devil' is in deceiving .....

Geraldine's daughter, still there are many things that will I tell thee, but I'll tell it on another occasion.

And I end this letter,

"Be a man, pure and single heart, because of hunger, to receive alms, and died in poverty, a thousand times easier than the disgrace and has no feelings."

The will of a father to his daughter is really valuable, not a property but a meaningful message that is more valuable than any treasure in this world.

A last message from her father who reminds her daughter to always share and humble, because not everyone has a fate as lucky as their children.
Thank for sharing!

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