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Green Goblin Supernatural The Mysterious Creatures

Category: Written by admin / 21.04
Goblin is a kind of supernatural creatures that appear in fairy tales and fantasy fiction stories. They have a height ranging from 30 cm to 2 m. Their skin is usually green. In European folklore, the Goblin is a fairy or supernatural creature. Small size of their bodies and sometimes not visible to the human eye. They are depicted as tiny green creatures and pointy eared. Goblin closely related to the fire and have the skills to create it.

According to another version in a few fairy tales and fantasy stories, Goblin is a nation of savage and ferocious creatures. They live in dark caves or underground. Racial they identified with evil creatures and is a brutal fighter. They are described as well-built like human beings, green-skinned, pointy ears, and looking grim and terrible. Sometimes they kidnap a baby and prey on humans.

Sometimes Goblin also has expertise in commercial and financial activities. In the story of Harry Potter, Goblin have skills in banking and in-game World of Warcraft they have the expertise to sell the house. but unfortunately until now still not have corroborating evidence of the existence or possible penampakannya.Goblin Goblin is a fictional magical creatures in Harry Potter novel series. Goblins are very expert in the manufacture of metal objects and magic run Gringotts bank. In the magic of government, provided Goblin Liaison Office, which is part of the Department of regulation and supervision of Magical Creatures.

Goblin described as having fingers and a long skinny legs, black eyes, and head larger than a human head. Goblin eat raw meat, roots, and mushrooms. Goblin communicate with a language called Gobbledegook. Goblin took a different view with the witch on the ownership of an object. According to them, the maker of an object is the true owner of the thing, though it was purchased by someone else. The law prohibits goblins have magic wands, but goblins have their own magical abilities that are different from wizards in general.

Relations between goblins and wizards have been strained for centuries due to misunderstandings on both sides. This often triggers such as rebellion and riot goblins. Together with the house elf, goblin regarded as second class citizens in the wizarding world. Goblin chose to remain neutral in the War of Magic II, impartial Voldemort and Harry Potter. In certain cases, a goblin can be friends with penyhir, even marriage could occur goblin-wizard.
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