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Amazing! World's First Notebook With Solar Power

Category: Written by admin / 12.07
The Spanish company has shown four of their latest netbook on LibreMeeting event sponsored by the Free Knowledge Foundation in Madrid. among the latest netbook, there are two super netbook models that support environmentally friendly solar panels and made of bio plastic.

Environmentally friendly devices are sold at a price range of 130 to 160 euros or 180 to 220 U.S. dollars, with a weight of 700 grams, using the Linux operating system and processor speed 400MHz.

has put 64GB of flash memory as storage media, 128MB RAM, WiFi and 10/100 Ethernet for connectivity. Netbook with 8-inch screen capable of supporting a resolution of 800x480 pixels.

Although there is a version that uses a solar panel on bio-plastic casing that can be recycled, visible from the panel image is not enough to produce power more than 4 watts. power consumption is about 3-4 watts, most likely solar panels are only sufficient to store the data shortly after the battery runs out and shutdown properly. However, the effort to make these environmentally friendly netbook deserves thumbs up.
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