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Amazing! World's Fastest Train

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Train France
Train a Grande Vitesse (TGV) - France
Inaugurated in the early 80's, the TGV routes serving Lyon and Paris, after the success of its route and then added to other cities in France and even into other countries. The train was built by Alstrom SA - the second largest train manufacturer in the world. Train a new generation of V-150 TGV speed record for conventional wheeled trains at a speed of 515 km / hour. The train uses a supercharged engine and a great deal of train wheels. His new record when it reached 574.8 km /h (see here).

Train Germany
Intercity Express (ICE)

In the early 90s Germany inaugurated the fast train to serve the route Hanover, Wurzburg, Mannheim, and Stuttgart. The train was built by Siemens and reach speeds of 280 km / hour.


Germany also built his own Transrapid maglev train can reach speeds of 550 km / h but unfortunately never had an accident in September 2006 near the town of Lathen and killed 23 passengers.

Maglev Train Shanghai - China

Built with German technology, this train can reach speeds of up to 430 km / h and can carry passengers from Pudong International Airport to the Longyang Road Station in the city center in just over 8 minutes.

Korean Train Express (KTX) - South Korea

In 2004 South Korea became the second country in Asia besides Japan are building fast train line that connects several major cities. KTX Technology adopted the technology TGV (fast train from France).

Taiwan High Speed Rail - Taiwan

After several years of delays, the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail finally inaugurated its use on January 5, 2008. Fast train was built by Japan's Shinkansen technology base and shorten travel time from Taipei to Kaoshiung to 90 minutes from the previous 4 hours.

Train Italy

Italy officially launched the fast train to Rome and Florence routes with speed 254 km / hour.

Eurostar - Great Britain

This fast train dioprasikan 1994 and serving routes from London to France and Belgium (via the tunnel under the sea). From London to Paris by train it takes 2 hours 35 minutes. Current speed reached 300 km / hour.
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