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Amazing Top 10 Innovative & Useful Findings That Creature For War

Category: Written by admin / 23.49
Some of the inventions and innovations arising from the war between the Union and the Confederacy. The conflict that killed more than 620,000 people or about 2 percent of the U.S. population.

At the moment it is also a time of great creativity industry. A record of 5000 patents recorded in 1864, and not all related to the war.

1. Paper Currency

Civil War changed the U.S. banking system. Paper currency became legal tender for the first time and "greenbacks" (named after the anti-counterfeiting green ink used on the back of the notes) issued by the federal government, replacing paper notes issued by local banks across the country.

Local notes were not always respected in many areas, the bank notes issued only receive 90 percent of the nominal value. New entry is supported by the federal government. In fact, some Confederate soldiers demanded to be paid in greenbacks Union.

2. Canned Food

During the war, food is prepared and eaten locally. Gail Borden, of condensed milk patent in 1854 and when the war started he sold copies of condensed juice Navy.

In 1862, tens of thousands of troops have started to eat his canned food, biscuits meat, strong coffee and condensed milk. Employers such as Van Camp, Armour and Swift gave a single name on canned beans and meat.

New availability of food cans to make soldiers feel at home and include things like lobster cakes, blueberries, corned beef and ginger.

New canned food industry, then allowed to colonize Australia and Argentina, where entrants can bring healthy food to start their new life.

3. Pocket Jam

During the war, Timepieces portable is a luxury. Waltham Watch Company in Massachusetts found a way to make a discount to their pocket watch, which makes the clock reached at that time.

Manufacturing breakthrough coincided with the start of the war, and soldiers began to bring into the battle at hand. On one side can be made engravings that can alert loved ones at home. And also allows them to follow a regular schedule of camp life.

4. Sewing machine

Development of the sewing machine allowed for great expansion in everything from tents to shield military uniforms and blankets.

This also causes the fabric coated tarpaulin tent canvas and rubber. This device is portable and are often carried by infantry regiment in the campaign.

5. Standard Size

If you want a pair of new shoes, chances are you will travel to your local cobbler. But as the army maybe it is very difficult. For the first time, set the standard shoe size, together with measures for the uniform.

6. Weaponry

Six-shot revolver was created and issued to officers. Also, rifles and carbines can generate several times the shots before refilling.

7. Telegraph

E-mail from the 19th century is a major tool for both the military and the press. Samuel Morse's invention has made an impact in the years before the war, with 50,000 miles of telegraph wire was hanged in 1860.

Another 15,000 miles added by the Union Army and President Lincoln used the telegraph to get real-time info from the generals.

Soldiers set up telegraph lines in this photo.

In October 1861, the telegraph stretching from coast to coast, to eliminate the Pony Express service. During the war, the patent dictat to increase distance and power of the original Morse telegraph.

8. Steel Warship

Confederate Navy can not do much with the Union ship, so they need a super-weapon to change the balance of power.

9. Railway

Expansion of the railway allowed the army to move a large amount of goods that can not be taken earlier. It was the first European-style war fought by steamer and train.

10. McCormick's reaper

When war broke out, the owner of livestock in developing countries producing wheat, was able to leave their families and go to war without losing their livelihood.

Patented in 1834 by Virginian Cyrus McCormick, an excellent tool in the 1850s when it built a factory in Chicago's McCormick. Sales skyrocketed during the war years.

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