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Amazing! Miracle Hill Cross

Category: Written by admin / 07.25
A Hill of the Cross in Lithuania which covered more than 100 thousand of the cross is now a place of Christian pilgrimage before the Passover Feast.

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Christians celebrate Easter as a commemoration of the Death of Jesus Christ on the cross and rose on the third day.

In the State of Lithuania, exactly 12 km from the city of Siauliai, there is a hill known as Mount of the Cross. As the name implies, this hilly area filled with many cross carried by the pilgrims from around the world (

In the 14th century, the era of the imperial government Teutons, hilly area is a place of war between the people of Lithuania against foreign invaders. Many were killed. Finally, the emperor was established some cross hill to commemorate the battle.

Then between 1831 to 1863, occurred the rebellion of peasants to the lord. Many farmers were killed when the opposing party rules that are considered harmful to small. The bodies were buried on the Mount of the Cross. Masyarakatpun instill some cross again until when it reached 150 units.

In its development, many of the pilgrims who visited this hill, they bring large and small cross to be invested there. Recorded in 1940 there were 400 large crosses surrounded by hundreds of small crosses.

Unfortunately, this cross hill was destroyed until blended during World War II. At that time, the Soviets managed to take over the occupation of Lithuania from Nazi Germany and mengkomuniskan this area. All cross leveled out and prohibit the pilgrims to come.

In 1993, two years after Lithuania proclaimed its sovereignty, Pope John Paul II visited this hill and stated that the Mount of the Cross is a place for hope, love peace and sacrifice. Since then, millions of people from around the world have visited this holy site especially on the days before Passover.

The number of crosses are planted as high as 100,000 in 2006 with a variety of sizes. The biggest one reaches a height of up to 3 meters.
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