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7 Unique Design Coffee Machine

Category: Written by admin / 20.05
For hundreds of years, making the process seem simple cup of coffee. During that period, while the basic taste of brewage still remains almost the same, but how that can be prepared easily have gone from easy. Checking some of the most amazing coffee makers that are sure to enhance your brewing experience.

Coffee Mixer

Figure inspiration from the structure of shells, Iran Behzad Hormoz designers have created a unique yet sophisticated coffee mixer that seems to enrich your experience brewing. Wrapping a kettle made of Pyrex, borosilicate glass with low expansion coefficient is used for heat-resistant glass in cooking and chemistry, the structure is finished in plastic balls, coffee beer company integrates a rechargeable battery, so it can be used for travel with family or friends

Espresso Waker

Lee Espresso Waker is designed to help you open your eyes with the smell of the espresso cup of tea. Requiring waiters to walk in your room with a cup of hot coffee to say good morning?

Mypressi Twist

Mypressi has introduced the first espresso machine in the world of portable. Called the "Twist," is a stylish coffee machine portable, lightweight and easy to use, while promising an extraordinary coffee experience in travel.

IMO Coffee maker

Getting a good cup of brewed coffee itself is not a big problem with the IMO sophisticated coffee maker. It has been designed to enrich the user with a unique experience of making coffee.

Presovar by Martin Necas

Created by Czech designer Martin Necas, Presovar is the next generation of designer coffee maker that not only done to the tee but also add instructions for the glamorous with the kitchen space. Graphic design features that directly irregular silhouette lends it an identity as a work of art.

Coffee Machine

Designed by Kamil Kurka, a graduate of the University of West Bohemia, Institute of Art and Design, as one semester project during the course of industrial design, the "Coffee Machine" is a futuristic coffee maker other than brewing a perfect cupp 'copy o' help in improving the decor of your kitchen.

Podi coffee maker

Designed by Vinod Gangotra for Selec Line (Asia), which "podi" is the single serve coffee maker for use with Italian rigid capsules made available in six different scents, allowing a large variety of users. Set to be launched next month in Europe, single-serve coffee machine also includes a 1.0 liter water tank, pressure 17 bar and automatic capsule ejecting system.

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