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6 Things Men Wanted While in Bed

Category: Written by admin / 12.41

Heating elements like activities makeup sex for women where they need some kind of makeup equipment. For matters of the bed, you need, such as lingerie, aromatherapy candles, scarves, satin sheets, soft music, and so forth.

Here, six things you need to do to her husband in bed, as quoted from the Third Age:

Take over
Men find it thrilling when they do not have to be the main actors to perform sexual acts. They enjoy a distraction-for-when in a position of submission. It is very fun to give yourself the freedom to fulfill his wish.

Close your eyes mate
Close the eyes, then he will use other senses to enjoy your arousal.

Lightly pinch and pull on the nipple
Women are not the only ones excited by the moment is seduced in an erotic zone. You can use a finger or small brush to run around the nipples of her breasts.

Hot kiss
Kiss what you like best? Most of the women said in a heartfelt kiss, a man too. Involve your partner kiss classics, in the long session, you like a pair of lovebirds who have not met.

Men really enjoy rolling around in bed, fully dressed from the beginning until finally nude. The point is to keep moving and not stay too long in one position. For him, it's very hot.

Talk a little sexy
Men love when a woman says something is "hot", but not excessive. Tell him what you want him to do and where you want him to do so.
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