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6 Magician of The World's Most Influential

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Valentino (Val Valentino)

Known also as "the masked magician / masked magician". Valentino is a magician who disassemble the tricks extraordinary another magician in a television show on Fox TV. That said, Valentino is still hiding his real identity, to avoid the magician who was angry and disappointed. However, the things that made Valentino the television is believed to increase the appreciation and interest of ordinary people in the world of magic. Valentino has always said, that he opened his magic tricks to "encourage" other magician looking for new tricks really "fresh" and qualified, for the progress of the world's magic.

Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin (1805-1871)

Robert-Houdin was born in France and brought a stream of new magic called "salon-magic". Magic was carrying a combination of illusion and heavy equipment to perform advanced magic tricks, coupled with brilliant technique of hand speed.
He included a revolutionary magician, because it was first introduced costume "formal suit" on stage. Previously, the magician is always synonymous with long robes typical "Merlin" and a big box and heavy equipment.
One of the show-his most famous was when he made "bullet catch" / catch bullets in Algeria, to prove that the magic of modern Europe is far more spectacular than primitive magic of Africa.

Harry Houdini (1874-1926)

Born in the Eirich-Weiss, Houdini better known as a very brilliant Escapologist. Escapologist is the ability to escape from various dangers. One of Houdini's most famous trick is "Water Chamber", which was also played by Rizuki in the final of the Master Season 3. In addition to playing various tricks escapologist very bright, Houdini also appeared in various dramas and comedy movies. Houdini believed to be the pioneers who can bring magic into the world of the entertainment world.

Doug Henning (1947-2001)
Doug Henning was a Canadian magician who first wore a costume T-Shirt and Jeans pants on stage, leaving the formal costume, typical magician in the previous period. He is known for its ability to combine magic and art. On the stage, Henning not only magic show, but also the art of dance, music and comedy. Henning died in 2001 of cancer.

David Copperfield

Young Copperfield began performing on stage in the mid-1970s, and is known as a flamboyant and handsome magician. While others still do the trick magician's assistant eliminate onstage, Copperfield eliminate various objects enormous. One of the most famous is his show while eliminating the Statue of Liberty in 1976. In addition, it also removes the Orient Jet aircraft, flying in the Grand Canyon, and walking through walls of China. I was so incredibly, many people who think Copperfield works with jinns / demons, but what he did was to utilize modern technology as much as possible.

David Blaine

David Blaine is considered as one of the magician who first adjust to the tastes of today in the era of globalization. He appeared with a very relaxed style and bring the magic of the stage "to the streets" by doing street magic. Show that he brought not only focused on the magician per se, but rather the reaction of the audience while watching a magic show in progress. Many people who say, "Blaine makes magic changed from 'cool' again."
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