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5 Things That Make Dating mess

Category: Written by admin / 20.06

When nervous or anxious, she will make certain movements unconsciously. Folded hands, playing spoons / forks or nod may seem trivial. But it could be a disaster if you do this when the first date.
'Wrong move', can tarnish the him in your interest. What are the movements that should be avoided when dating?

1. Haste
Unconsciously, body language can show a person's emotional condition. When meeting with a guy you like, do not make movements too fast. For example, take a glass too quick to spill, walked in a hurry or open / close the bag as fast as lightning. Quoted from askmen, hasty movements that indicate you are too nervous. The man also can assume you feel uncomfortable around. When dating, make your impression a quiet woman, can master the situation and confident.

2. Too Much Nodding
Just one or two sentences he spoke, you rush nodded. As a result, all the dates you more nods than talk. Maybe you mean he's fun to justify all his words. But what he can actually catch the contrary. He'll think you do not seriously listen to him and hope he is soon to end the story. In general, excessive nod will be considered as a sign of someone not interested in the topic. No matter the occasional little nod if you agree with his words, but do not often, yes!

3. Hand Folding
Do not ever face a date with her hands folded. This movement shows you defensive; trying to close down. As a result, the he will feel you are being cold and less interested in him.

According to body language expert Robert Phipps, a hand movement signal whether a person is being open and receptive to other people. When the meeting date, place your hands at your sides or behind the back.

"The attitude of this body that you are not afraid and ready to accept whatever is in front of you," said Robert, as reported by selfgrowth.

4. Conducting Motion Less Important
Playing the spoons / forks, swipe-swipe handkerchief or tapping your fingers on the table can create the impression of disinterest, low confidence and anxiety. Some men will even think you're bored with the meeting date. When dating, do not play the object near you and try not to do a lot of movement is less important. Focus on a date, relax and let your confidence out on its own.

5. Touch it
It may be crossed desire to hold hands or face as close to him. Hey, remember, this is only a first date. As much as any desire you to touch him, immediately revert intention. The he will think you are too aggressive or 'slut'. Wait until he took the initiative first, welcome the 'invitation'. But limit your actions, holding hands or touching his shoulder was enough.
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