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3 New little Angel Tattoo on David Beckham's Chest

Category: Written by admin / 23.57

David Beckham shows new tattoo that adorned his body. This time the star tattoo symbolizes the closeness of her with her three children.

"Obviously the three little angels are male. So the idea is the kids I'll be keeping me. All is meaningless," said Beckham.

Beckham shows the design tattoonya pass up. Tattoo was created by legendary American tattoo artist Mark Mahoney.

Need 12 hours to finish the tattoo on LA Galaxy player's chest. But the process is not one way but in two sessions.

"I never planned to have a tattoo. Sometimes I wake up and to the idea of a picture I want on my body."

Beckham added that there are people who like to tattoo. And some are not like him. According to 35-year-old man, the tattoo helped in expressing themselves.

Now at least Beckham has 19 tattoos including the names of three children adorn his back. (The Sun)
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