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189 Year Depending on Campus Wardrobe, Corpse A Murderer Finally Buried

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Corpse killer who was executed in 1821 was eventually found hanging in the closet University of Bristol. The body was finally buried with a decent after hanging for 189 years.

John Horwood, the name of the murderer, executed in 1821 after killing his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Balsom, when he was 18 years old. He menimpuk Balsom Balsom with gravel when crossing in a river in Bristol.

189 Year Depending on Campus Wardrobe, Corpse A Murderer Finally Buried
Mary Halliwell and John Horwood skull

Horwood attacks actually do not cause serious injury. But, Horwood died after suffering from an infection when the surgeon drilled a hole in his head to reduce blood pressure continue to come out. Horwood was eventually found guilty of Balsom's death and later executed.

Dr. Richard Smith, who performed surgery on Elizabeth Balsom, refused permission to return the bodies of John Horwood to his family. Horwood's body finally usedpurposes of surgery at Bristol Royal Hospital ( BristolRoyal Informary ). After the surgery in front of 80 people, Dr. Smith store Horwood framework and put it on a display before then awarded to the University of Bristol.

Mary Halliwell (67 years) finally found John Horwood and won the legal right to the body Horwood. On Wednesday (13 / 4), the Halliwell finally able to bury John Horwood like people who died. Tengkorang John Horwood was hanged outside the jail in New Bristol for an hour before finally buried.

Based on the research his family tree, John Horwood was the brother of my great-grandfather Halliwell.

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