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10 World Celebrity Abandoned Molester Her partner

Category: Written by admin / 22.37

Beautiful, soaring career and has had an abundance of wealth was still not able to make the pretty actress and celebrity below regardless of the infidelity of their partner.

1. Sandra Bullock
This is the most brand-new news. Players who are famous through this Sleeping While You Were diselingkuhi by her husband, Jesse James. James slept with striptease dancer stripper alias. Sandra who won Oscars still could not hide her sadness.

2. Elin Nordegren
News of her husband's infidelity, world-class golfer Tiger Woods may never be revealed if Woods did not experience a collision. Woods scandal known to be involved with many women. But he pleaded guilty.

3. Jennifer Aniston
Who is not surprised by Jennifer and Brad Pitt's breakup, the pair is considered the most harmonious in the world of film, Hollywood. Pitt reportedly involved love the location as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt played in the film, Mr and Mrs. Smith. Yes, Pitt left Aniston with younger women.

4. Sienna Miller
Infidelity Jude Law, Sienna Miller was the husband of a surprise because Jude was having an affair with their baby sitter.

5. Reese Witherspoon
The popularity and has been named as "America's Sweetheart" was no guarantee of perfection in life. Because after 7 years of marriage with Ryan Phillippe he diselingkuhi her husband with another famous star, Abbie Cornish.

6. Elizabeth Hurley
Hurley's former lover, Hugh Grant was having an affair with commercial sex workers (CSWs), Divine Brown.

7. Halle Berry
This Oscar winner found her husband, R & B singer Eric Benet cheated. Benet admits that he was addicted to sex.

8. Sophie Bush
Sophia also like most of the top Hollywood actress who finds himself diselingkuhi by Chad Michael Murray. This guy is famous through the series One Tree Hill.

9. Uma Thurman
Just like Sienna Miller, Uma find her husband having an affair with Ethan Hawke's nanny baby sitter they alias!

10. Christie Brinkley
Former supermodel from Peter Cook is probably the most courageous women who ever lived. He caught a video recording of Peter and a girl 18 years working in the shop maianan children.

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