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10 Types of Blog

Category: Written by admin / 23.46

When discussing about the blog, most people do not understand about the variety of blogs. Just because the interface looks the same all the blogs, does not mean the same content in it as well. Here are a few variations of the blog.

1. Political Blog (PoliticalBlogs)
Have some form of political blogs. Form most often used is a blogger will make a link to a news article from a website and then post their comments. While others, more focused on an essay on political topics. In fact, the trend of political blogs are used to conduct political campaigns, in order to try to incorporate a blog into the world of politics, as happened in the U.S. presidential election recently.

2. Personal blog (PersonalBlogs)
This blog is generally used to describe an online diary or journal, such as Xanga. This online diary weblog format makes it easy for the user, without the need to have experience in creating, formatting, and posting entries to blogs. Users can write daily events, complaints, poetry, prose, ideas thoughts, and many more, also allow other users to contribute in it.

3. Blog Business (BussinessBlogs)
A blog used by employers to promote their business. Often business blog serves as a promotional action employer to provide a picture of business activity behind them, like on a personal blog. In some cases business blogs are also equipped with advertising, product sales, or information.

4. Blog Topic (TopicalBlogs)
Blog topic is more focused on things that are special. For example, such as Google's blogs, or blogs soldier or military blogs (milblog). Many blogs allow many categories, where a public blog can be changed to suit user's blog topic.

5. Health Blog (HealthBlogs)
This blog is written as a personal account of health issues, sharing information with other users on health. Category blogs in these health blogs such as medical blogs, which are also divided into two categories. The first type is a blog written by a health professional about his job, health news or ideas other users. Then the next type of case patients, which allows physicians to enter patient cases to the website. Doctors also may provide comments or participate solve the case.

6. Blog Literature (litblog)
This blog is a blog that focuses on a literary topic. There litblog community in the blogosphere where the author can incorporate various Subtopic related to literature or literary. Litblogger to write about the printing industry, articles, fiction, poetry, literary journal, diary readers, critics, literary types such as fiction and mystery.

7. Travel Blog (TravelBlogs)
Many travelers who wrote their way into the paper. With this blog, they can pour his idea, or a variety of photos and stories, even when they're traveling around the world.

8. Blog Research (ResearchBlogs)
This blog combines school records and student blogs to personal notebook with facilities dominated public discussion. This blog is handling more towards academic-related.

9. Law Blog (LegalBlogs)
This blog is a lawyer or law student blog, in which there is discussion about the law, so often called 'blawgs'. The blawgger can post legal commentary and analysis of existing case on their blogs.

10. Blog Education (EducationalBlogs)
Users of this blog are the students, who learn about a particular subject matter on the blog, when their teacher has listed the subject matter to be taught to students using blogs. For example, online courses and giving homework from teacher to student. The advantages of using this blog were students can learn quickly if they miss class. In addition, teachers also can plan, materials with ease, and this blog can help teachers make the conclusion that accurate student learning outcomes.[source]
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