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10 Museum Anker and World Sinister

Category: Written by admin / 06.29
Museums below is very creepy and scary. Here are 10 Museum of the Most Frightening World of successful summarized duniakita team.

10. House on the Rock

The museum was originally designed to collect any objects, House on the Rock is located in Deer Shelter Rock, Wisconsin, which first opened in 1959. Here there are replicas of various American cities in the early 20th century there is also a sea monster replicas of 200 kaki.Namun unfortunately all inidibiarkan museum collections at home and in the dusty dark room. You can imagine how a dark room containing various old musical instruments and hundreds of dolls unkempt united with the mystical air smells musty and creepy!

9. Glore Psychiatric Museum

Who would not want to see a museum dedicated to the history of great things such as electric shock treatments and Lobotomies? Ya.hampir all those interests that, but if you want to see things that are shocking, please visit the Glore Psychiatric Museum. And if you look at the most horrible in this museum, take it easy because that's pleasures. Do not forget to visit the ancient treatment area where you can see the instrument for patients who experience bleeding and operation diaorama psychosurgical interesting that makes you go forward.

8. New Haven Museum Ventiloquist

In New Haven Connecticut, there is a museum that contains only row upon row of old ventriloquist. Every seat in the theater has a doll in it. Now most people no longer suffer Autonomatonophobia (fear if they see a human figure made - yes it's real) There are a thousand "Chuckie" here.

7. Catacombs of Palermo

Catacombs of Palermo turned into a museum of death. Deep in the bowels of the Capuchin monastery you can see hundreds of bodies - either monks or local bodies. These bodies in bariskan along the wall in the clothes when they were buried. The bodies were placed in Catacombe from the late 16th century until the last funeral - Rosalia Lombardo in the 1920s. Cold and dry environment means that the body is very well maintained - very well preserved so it looks like the most horrible tidur.Yang these bodies as seen ready to wake up any moment to attack the holiday pengunjung.Tempat cool is not it? Hiiiy..

6. London Dungeon

London basement which is very famous. Placing the remaining objects scary here. An underground prison relics and places of torture in the Middle Ages. If you go to the Dungeon should drink first if you have heart disease because here are many actors who would pay jumps suddenly and scare tactics to you. Queue come in here very long, because a very famous attraction. duniakita.infoSatu the only other place that has the longest queue other is a bakery in Soviet Russia.

5.Lombrop 's Museum of Criminal

Cesare Lombroso founded the Italian school of criminology. Not surprisingly, this museum - filled with objects that are mengerikan.Dikombinasikan with a variety of collections that depict crime, no weapon used to kill humans, even Lombroso has a collection of heads in formalin preserved in a bottle perfectly. If you are interested in the story of evil - or just want to spend the day staring at a skull, pieces of the remaining remnant of the human body, and other horrible things, this is the proper place.

4. Madame Tussaud

This is probably the most popular entry in the list. Madame Tussauds in London which is famous for the largest collection of replicas made of wax - most of famous people. But the museum was started more horrible. Madame Tussaud start a collection since the French revolution. He will go to the guillotine after hearing some people have been executed and made wax molds of their heads cut off!. And the best known is probably the wax statue of the last King of France.

All heads are on display in the museum along with other collections that horrible, featuring a picture sadism in history. When you see the statue as the original-sized replica of one of the victims of Jack the Ripper, you will think twice to come here. Oh yes one more, to make things more frightening, a room full of horror has now added attraction to the actor who will jump out and scare visitors. Looks like you have to carry spare underwear that here.

3. Museum of Anatomy

Honoré Fragonard is a professor of anatomy - at least until he was incarcerated because she showed symptoms of insanity! Twenty years later he began work that would make a brilliant achievement in his life. In 1794 he collected the corpse to his collection and become the largest museum of anatomy. The museum is designed to store and mamerkan collection flayed corpse by him and embalmed with secret recipes recipes - recipes that remain a mystery to this day. The collection contains the bodies of animals are skinned and preserved, the bodies of children, and also the bodies of dead criminals were executed and the collection of skulls from the asylums of mental disorders.

2. Mutter Museum

Mutter Museum famous for its large collection of skulls and anatomical specimens including a wax model of a woman with a human horn growing on his forehead, the tallest skeleton on display is also a North American, human intestine along the 5 foot (pictured above) which contains more than 40 pounds of dirt , and fear of the Soap Lady mysterious body that all the bodies that turned into soap after he died. The museum also houses a malignant tumor derived from the body of President Grover Cleveland, there is also the heart of Siam famous conjoined twins Chang and Eng Bunker, and the organ of President Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

1. The Purgatory Museum

According to Catholic doctrine, people who died with only minor sins on their souls will go to purgatory to be cleansed by fire, before flying to heaven. At Sacred Heart Church in the Prati district of Rome, there is a small museum which is located behind the side altars. This is a museum of purgatory. This place is really scary, showing documentation of cases the souls in purgatory who returns to earth to haunt. Some of the items on display is a table with a charred and the lines are carved out of it by the hand of another world, and fingerprint impressions on clothes and bed sheets on fire. But perhaps the scariest item of all is a book containing the charred hands on one sheet. A nun palms that have been long dead and trapped in purgatory for the sin of sins that are not known.
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