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Top 10 Vaporware The Most Famous Cases

Category: Written by admin / 00.51
10 Vaporware The Most Famous Cases
Vaporware explain about the product, usually computer hardware or software, which was not released on the date announced by their developers, or announced released in months or years before the product is actually released by them.

This word usually implies a negative opinion of the product or developer, and the uncertainty of pessimism that the product will eventually be true - really released. The word has been applied in many electronic products, automobiles, and some product launch services, or other material events

Submitted for your approval are 10 well-known product that its launch is delayed, because a lot of despair about the prospects of this product in the depan.namun some successfully released to the public while others make us wait.

10. White iPhone 4

Henry Ford's famous quote that says "You can have color (T Model) that you want, as long as it is black." Apple Computer can not claim misquote. In June 2010, reporters sneaked into the room and showed Apple iPhone 4 black and white.

Black version was launched at that time, but white iPhone4 never released, although Apple has made a handheld electronic device in a white color for more than a decade. Demand for iPhone 4 white may be exaggerated (the new 250 + days as of this writing), but it does exist.

Co-founder (and Apple employee No. 1) Steve Wozniak wanted to get one, and even he could not get it. So Woz is Woz, he hacked the iPhone white four together from all parts of China who is considered disabled by the supplier.

Woz recognize this device has a low-quality photos when the camera flash is used, which may be why Apple has not released this product. This flagship product so do not assume the character as the Apple products and new - this new Steve Jobs joked that iPad2 will 'be sent to the color white to this day.

9. Chinese Democracy

All associated with Tom Scholz and his geological era between Boston albums, but GN R '"Chinese Democracy" is a thing of myth and legend for the better part of one and half decade.
Guinness sign that this album as the most expensive album ever made. Geffen Records even offers (only remaining original member) Axl Rose a bonus of $ 1,000,000 just to get it done.

And that in 1999, FIVE YEARS after the formation of this new GNR band first entered the studio. Recorded during three separate occasions using the 'Eruption-worthy' guitarist in LA, 'Chinese Democracy' began in 1994, but the CD was not introduced, makes fans annoyed and reviews of mediocre, until 2008.

Many attribute the delay strange recording practice, perfection is required, the internet leaks and the project's debt so much, making the album feel initidak got the ability, before finally be undone.

Low placement here is just because the CD was just looking on the bright side sajai, and even went platinum. Of course, sales revenue did not offset the cost of recording ($ 13 million).

8. Fantastic Four Movie
In 1986, Constantin Films acquired the rights to Marvel Comics 'Fantastic Four' franchise, and immediately use it, as DC Comics made a profit with 'Batman' and '' Batman Returns. After 12 years of inactivity, Constantin hastily commissioned Roger Corman's production company to make a movie 'Ashcan', solely to defend the right of the Fantastic Four movie.

Suting a cost of $ 2,000,000 with a time less than 30 days before it was shown.
That is, if you're allowed to view. This film was never intended for release in theaters.

Marvel then buy the movie (and negative) so that 20th Century Fox could make a big budget version of which became hits in bioskop2 in 2005. You can find the original leaked version on YouTube,.

7. Infinium Phantom

A more tangible product names are difficult to dibayangkan.Pada January 2003, Infinium Labs announced a gaming console running Windows XP embedded, so that gamers can play PC games.

Not enough?
Phantom boasted that gamers can download any game they want through the Internet, and contemplate that one day they could give the console in exchange for subscription two tahun.Skeptis instantly when there is no physical product that appears, and bang to hype ratio reaches 10:1 .

Why no love?
Well, after a year of delays, the Infinium Phantom display unit at a trade show E3 2004 (followed by a missed launch date). Then they showed the latest version at the 2005 Consumer Electronics show (followed by a missed launch date).

Finally, the SEC brought charges against the former CEO of Infinium, and the subsequent announcement reveals Infinium has experienced losses $ 62,700,000 in three years, and only with $ 3,500,000 used for actual perngembangan (5% of the budget R & D).

A few months later, Infinium axed project, changed its name to Phantom Entertainment, and focused on the base-board which was launched in June 2008, the last two years initially planned release date.

6. Ovation
80s was a time in the history of komputasi.Kantor-application software development for the IBM PC and MS-DOS just dimulai.WordStar, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, and Lotus 1-2-3 into several business critical applications on the platform just three years . This is all pre-monopoly of Microsoft Office, if you can understand at that time.

In 1983, Ovation Technologies startup announced a full-service package that includes word processor, spreadsheet, database management and communications software (basically the same as MS-Office as you will know today).

But by 1984, Ovation is declared bankrupt, had a loss of $ 7 million in VC funding without removing produk.Sebenarnya, we can go further than that: Ovation has never launched any single product.

Ovation spend more (some would say all) resources to promote and sell products that are not made,. As a result, Ovation contribution to the history of computing is: software that does not really exist, and because they are why the term "vaporware" was coined.

5. Cherry OS
In October 2004, Maui X-Stream announced CherryOS, a Mac emulator for Windows PCs belong to a blazingly fast and is available as a download only at a cost of U.S. $ 50.

News spread like fire and melted the server before anyone can get this program. But Maui X-Stream suddenly withdrew without explanation software, invite howls of protest and accusations of fraud.

They promised CherryOS longer be available for download in March 2005.Banyak the computer bug and technicians who called shenanigans, accusing CherryOS as a ripoff of PearPC, an open source emulator PearPC Mac.Karena is open source, it is illegal for Maui X-Stream to sell it for profit.

Kristian Hermsen and Halvar Flake support costs by finding 600 the function withdraw from open source products, and Cherry OS has been posted online for free, hoping to kill sales of the Maui X-Stream's.
Maui X-Stream is rumored to quit and stop this project, then pulled from the market voluntarily CherryOS on April 5, 2005, and post the "Cherry OS postponed its circulation-Until Further Notice. "

A day later, Maui X-Stream announced that they have opened their source code, and CherryOS will be available in May, only with $ 14.95 to cover the costs of development and marketing.
CherryOS website suddenly disappeared since then.

4. Ryugyong Hotel

All this for a country that almost did not accept North wisatawan.Korea start construction at the Hotel Ryugyong giant, in 1987, up Ssanyong South Korea, which built the world's tallest hotel the year before the construction (Singapore Westin Stamford).
Ryugyong was scheduled to open in June 1989, along dengan13th World Festival of Youth and Students, but it did not happen.

And it keeps not happening.
Of course, this building was built in recent years but, in 1992, construction of hotels with high-330m, 3,000 rooms stopped after the withdrawal of Soviet aid. and the project was stalled for 16 years.

Interestingly, after touting the hotel to the world and even issued commemorative stamps, North Korea began to digitally erase the image building of the Pyongyang landscape photos, and even eliminate it on the map of the city. That's right, North Korea tried to make hotel vaporware, but can not, the hotel was already there and seen a lot of people.

European Union Chamber of Commerce building check was never used in the 90's and is considered the 'improved', citing the elevator shafts and concrete inferior.Meskipun crooked way, construction resumed in 2008 Egypt's Orascom won the contract and use the hotel's wireless network to the antenna site.

Officially, Orascom denies that the complete construction of the hotel is part of the contract, although they have made improvements in recent fasad.Perkiraan completion provided by North Korean officials in 2008.

At that time, they said the hotel would be ready in 2012, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-Sung. Or the end of the world, if you believe the Mayans. ... Or the latest rumors about the date of the inauguration of the hotel from countries that do not ever want a tourist ...

3. Duke Forever Nuke'em

3D Realm's Duke Nuke'em Forever is a definitive, full-on poster vaporware.Hal made Wired Magazine Annual Vaporware Award many times, they retired from consideration.

"Duke 3D Nuke'em" of the original debuted in 1996, and featuring flirty sailor, and entertaining gameplay-oriented adult content (a new thing at the time). But things are not as vibrant as the sequel, scheduled for no later than Q3 1998 .

3D Realm developers complained the game engine is so worn that the further development using equipment that does not exist gunanya.Sehingga company licensed the Quake II game engine and started over. But 3D Realms get the source code too late, and buy time with a video about the games that tease in the trade show industry.
However, in 1998, Epic Games released Unreal Engine, which is superior to the Quake II engine, and the developers again agreed to turn the game machine, and once again cancel a previous work fully.

At the end of 1999, the deadline had expired and the making of this game is not even half selesai.Hal also does not help that the owner is constantly adding new game elements, with no plans for the final product will look like.

In 2003, the management of aggressive open with the media, saying Nuke'em Duke Forever will be released 'when finished'. and the statement repeated - repeated over several years

In 2006, funds have dried up. 3D Realms has spent $ 20 million on development partners and asked for Take Two for an additional $ 6 million more to complete the creation game.Staf fired and Take Two 3D Realms sued for breach of contract.

Behind the screen, fired nine employees who continue to develop the game from home mereka.Mereka then formed an independent studio (Tryptych) who happens into the office next to a competitor 3D Realms, Gearbox Software,

3D Realms using contractors on Duke Forever Nuke'em at the time, but when they got wind of progress Tryptych, they approached the Gearbox to help resolve PC and console games.

3D Realms officially announced the return Nuke'em Duke Forever at Penny Arcade Expo 2010, and really let gamers play the game for the first time apocryphal.
Gearbox Software has since announced that the Duke Nuke'em Forever will be available to the public on May 3, 2011, after fifteen years at a cost at least $ 26,000,000 later.

2. Flying car

Future vision of the 50's-on are the jetpacks and flying cars.
Jetpack research is basically dead, but the prototype of the military and NASA is still there if you're not picky about how to get to the deadly accident.

But the dream neat street and cars flying overhead still avoiding us. The most recent effort is the Aviation Innovations' N2001C Sky Commuter car, aircraft vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). The details never clear, and strangely, they save the project after spending-about $ 6 million in R & D.

1. Doomsday

Man was waiting for the end of the world since the beginning of the world, and, until recently, all prediction has become vaporware.Beberapa predictors have very specific and very wrong (see 'Top 10 Failed Apocalyptic Predictions' here on the site Listverse), while others have milked ambiguity for pleasure and keuntungan.Itulah why I'm not worried about 2012 more than 2011 or 2013.Itu my choice, but still not a bad idea to live as if the end of the world is nigh: for death we've definitely not vaporware.

Thank for sharing!

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