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Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in Indonesia 2010

Category: Written by admin / 23.28

Chairman of the Jury Herris Simanjuntak said the ratings this year refers to the consolidated financial year 2006 to 2009. From these data and then do the calculation and assessment based on agreed criteria for life insurance and general insurance.

"To strengthen the results of the assessment, conducted the poll from the insurance broker. Companies are selected in this poll as well was awarded a special award, "said the conferment of awards for Best Herris 2010 Insurance Investor Magazine at the Kempinski Grand Ballroom, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Thursday (1 / 7).

PT Prudential Life Assurance (Prudential Indonesia) successfully defended the cup turns "Star Performer Award" for 2010 is the highest compared with the acquisition of assets of other insurance companies. The previous year, Prudential also won the "Golden Award" for his achievements become the best insurance company for seven consecutive years.

In addition to these awards, Prudential also received an award in the category of best life insurance companies for the category of assets above Rp 10 trillion.

Senior Vice President Director, Prudential Indonesia William Kuan said the company managed to maintain a progressive growth in early 2010 was better than premium income, new business, assets and funds under management. This has become a very good momentum for Prudential Indonesia to move forward this year.

The total premium income for Prudential until the first quarter of 2010 reached USD 2.1 trillion or an increase of 34.76% from first quarter 2009. Meanwhile, Prudential's total premium income of sharia to the end of March 2010 stood at Rp 263 billion or an increase of 47%.

In addition to Prudential's ten national insurance company who won the title of Best Insurance 2010 consists of five life insurance, the four general insurance and one reinsurance. Meanwhile, one of 10 companies awarded an additional Five Consecutive Years since managed to become the best insurance for five consecutive years.

For life insurance category, PT Asuransi Jiwa Sinarmas achieve the best position in the category of assets above Rp 50-10 trillion. Furthermore, PT Commonwealth Life for the category of assets above Rp 2.5 to 5 trillion, and PT BNI Life Insurance achieved the highest score for the class of assets above Rp 1 to 2.5 trillion, and PT Asuransi CIGNA for the category of up to USD 100 billion assets 1 trillion.

In general insurance group, PT Asuransi Adira Dinamika won the top position for the category of assets above Rp 1 trillion. The best position for the category of Rp 500 billion asset-Rp1 trillion won Protection of PT Jaya Assurance which also won for Five Consecutive Years won the award five consecutive years.

PT Indrapura Assurance achieve the best position to group assets in excess of USD 250-500 billion, Property Insurance Safe Pratama Tbk best for the category of assets in excess of USD 100-250 billion. And, for the category of reinsurance, the top position achieved Indonesia Tbk PT airline Reinsurance.

Add Harris, Investor Magazine in this year also gave special awards to three insurance companies, namely to PT Jamsostek top categories best social insurance company in terms of innovation, PT Avrist Assurance on life insurance with the best service quality, and PT Chartists Insurance Indonesia on general insurance with the best service quality. [source]
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