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Strange Hobbies 6 Brutal World's Best Leaders

Category: Written by admin / 02.18
These leaders, known for his cruelty. But every human being always has a unique side, indiscriminately and this is it, these leaders a unique hobby. At the start of the sequence of 6.

6. Loving Disney and Hitler Sketch
Hitler used as an artist, some of his works have appeared before, the sketches was discovered in 2008, gave little light to the brutal nature as a leader.

Sketches of two of the seven dwarves is bashful and doc, and also sketches of Pinocchio, which was not signed.

Hitler was not just ordinary fans. He has a copy of a copy of Snow White, and he thinks this movie is the greatest movie ever made. His fondness for smelly things Disney, are well known by Joseph Goebbels (Nazi Propaganda Minister) monster second largest in history. Hitler rewarded Goebbels Mickey Mouse equipment. Goebbels wrote in his diary that Hitler was very pleased with the prize. "She clapped her hands with delight, and he quickly went into her room to wear ear Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck pajamas.

Bin Laden and 5.Osama Volleyball
Osama Bin Laden is a fugitive American number one, because it is considered as the mastermind behind attacks of 11 September 2001 (9 / 11), was skilled in playing volleyball.
This information was obtained from Bin Laden's former bodyguard, Nasser al-Bahri.

4. Saddam Hussein's Romantic Novel Writing
In late 2001, CIA officials discovered the novel in Arabic bookshops in London, entitled Zabibah and the King. Written by S. Hussein.

This novel is an allegory based on the history of Iraq .. the equation goes something like the Transformers movie which is a metaphor of the industrial revolution. Freedom is taken away, is at the core of this novel. Novel backgrounds Iraq in the past that just tells the king fell in love with Zabibah village girl who turned out to have a husband that is cruel. In his confession Zabibah expressed, "I love you. I do not love my husband. I just married name alone."

But when Zabibah departed from the palace back to his home, he was attacked and raped by a cruel husband. Here's a piece of the sentence of the novel:
"Rape is a serious crime, whether it's a man raping a woman or an invasion army to seize land and water rights."

Yep, the lady in question is Iraq, King of the fair is Saddam Hussien and the cruel husband is the United States. But this is perhaps a little unfair. But the fact is Saddam was indicted for genocida and he also established a 30-foot-tall statue of himself in every town square in Iraq.

3. AL Capone Writing Love Songs
When you hear this name, mind you bring to the understanding of the mafia or a cruel and feared gangsters in the era, as we see in movies.

One of the songs he wrote (reportedly there are still other tracks) titled "Madonna Mia" and this song is really heartbreaking, created for his beloved wife. Totally different from the original image as a mafia boss.

Do you know where he wrote all his songs? In prison Alcatraz friend and it was great. A place full of violence, such as sodomy and penusukkan, Al Capone instead sat in his cell and play a song with a banjo romatik Balad.

2. Joseph Stalin Drawing Male Nude
When he is not busy sending people to the Gulag (a dumping ground for people who are considered to sabotage, terrorism or treason), Joseph Stalin relax with a glass of cold drink at the fireplace .. to draw itself in the form of pornography, and if it has not strangely enough, he also wrote a comment under the picture, just because he thought it was funny.

Signature on the picture has been officially declared as belonging to Stalin, but after analyzing the pictures, the Russian psychologist concluded that "they found no signs of homosexuality." Although they admit it after the statement that "these pictures certainly make you think like that."

1. Kim Jong II and Basketball
His favorite player is Michael Jordan. Even he had a recording of the match Jordan in every game with the Chicago Bulls in the form of VHS. When U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright visited North Korea in 2000, he gave basketball autographed Michael Jordan to the President. Basketball is now placed in the Museum of International Understanding, which Kim Jong II wake.

I was so obsessed with his basketball ambitions to transform North Korea into a national basketball power house, and regularly conducts seminars about basketball. He also built a basketball court in every court and apply the rules of his own.

Differences rules of basketball game that is usually with the version of President Kim is on the scoring system. 3 points to dunk, 4 points for three-point shot that just touches the net, decreased 1 point if it fails to enter the free shots, and 8 points for a shot in the last three seconds.

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