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New EliteFoilo Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Case

Category: Written by admin / 17.45

Today InnoPocket announced the new EliteFoilo Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Case. Unlike many iPad, iPod, and iPhone cases that have a carbon fiber look that is actually constructed of plastic, this one is actually handcrafted of 100% real carbon fiber. This lightweight, yet very strong, material makes a great case because it provides quality protection and highly-desired style without the excess bulk and weight of other cases.

Race car and sports car fans are familiar with carbon fiber, because this strong, lightweight material is used extensively in high-end motor sports to reduce weight while maintaining strength and stiffness. It also is used in high-end bicycles and other products where light weight is strongly desired. Additionally, real carbon fiber looks fantastic, with amazing depth and texture that the fake carbon fiber products can’t match.

These same properties make carbon fiber an incredible material to use for a really nice iPad 2 case, which is what makes this EliteFoilo Carbon Fiber iPad2 Case so special. On the other hand, real carbon fiber is quite expensive, which is one of the main drawbacks to this InnoPocket EliteFolio.

EliteFoilo Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Case

* Hand crafted with 100% REAL carbon fi
* Protecting shield, Viewing stand, Typing stage
* Fully protects the iPad screen and aluminum back against scratches and scuffs
* Smart Patent swivel hinge allows the top panel to fold completely flat against the bottom panel
* A multi-function and a tabletop adaptable design
* Dream car material meets both emotional and functional needs.
* Carbon fiber book-style sleek case keeps the beauty of iPad
* Full access to all side buttons and ports with the case in place

Pre-order the EliteFoilo Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Case for $199 from According to Inno Pocket, it is scheduled to start shipping at the end of April 2011.[source]
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