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Gold Cats, Animal Endangered

Category: Written by admin / 02.24
Golden Cat is a kind of mysterious and very difficult to find today, very little knowledge about the behavior and ecology of this species, including their population in the region. lifestyle of these animals has not been known clearly not like other types of wild cats.

Fur color ranging from light brown to dark blond. At the bottom of the head and tail are white lines that can be seen easily. in 1996, through a photo Trapping, For the first time successfully terpetret Gold-colored cat, jet black. These animals dapt found from the lowlands to an altitude of 2,000 m above sea level.

His life was not sesoliter other cat species and are often seen moving in groups, families or pairs. Generally these animals move on land even though they are good at climbing and active in the daytime, although they were accomplished hunters at night. Location is the habitat is estimated to Mark and Mount Seblat.

And there is an article that stated:
Golden Cats commonly called the Golden Fire paint or paint, this animal is one animal who campaigned join Busby SEO Challenge by community Adsense Surabaya. Golden cat (Catopuma temminicki) is one of seven types of cats that live in the area of Kerinci Seblat National Park. The main characteristic of the Golden Cats are almost his entire body is brown to emas2an (hence its name) but there is also a distinguished colored gray or dark brown. There is also a distinguished black and this type is the most endangered species!

This gold cat living areas spread from Tibet, Nepal, China, Burma, Thailand to Indochina, Malaysia, and Sumatra. Other Ciri2 gold cat has an average weight for adult cat the size of that type of about 8-12 kg with a length from head to tail reach 1.2 meters. As usual brother's cat, this animal is sometimes seen piebald without eliminating the specific color. The animal was slightly longer than the usual cats and never met with entirely black. The back of the roundabout there is a line short black ears. White lines are limited to white color found in the cheek, which emerged from the inner corner of his eye. The stomach is always a lighter color than the hips.

Bigger than her cousin from Africa, Asia Temminck gold cat-sized dog. There is another called the Fishing Cat is found in several parts of the world, the size is also somewhat similar. Wozencraft, in a controversial explanation of the classification system on this beast in 1993 considered the gold cat is kind Catopuma Temminck, along with the Bornean bay cat which he says is one version of Temminck cat (Wozencraft 1993) as well. African golden cats apart from the two species and now stands alone with a type (genus) Profelis. All the cats are classified as Felis.

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