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Beware!! Take Advantage of Weakness Up Start Virus

Category: Written by admin / 08.05
Throughout Tuesday (29, March, 2011) morning to afternoon, the Facebook users in Indonesia in hebohkan twin status that appears automatically on the wall or the front page of their account masing.Status accompanied by a short URL link such as a virus that spreads rapidly. Once traced, according to the virus was already spreading since kemarin.Status appear if the user up a fad clicking on a link that is included in the status of his friend. When clicked, the short URL will be directing an actual web site. However, in the same time, appear the same status on his Facebook account.

"The users up two days puzzled by the malicious script attacks that take advantage of XSS (cross site scripting)," said Alfons Tanujaya, security experts and computer viruses from Vaksincom, he said, the site pages that are in short URL is intentionally prepared actors and when the victim visited automatically run a command to exploit XSS on Facebook.

The weakness was due to the Share feature on up through the mobile version. Perpetrators can paste the script traps via a feature that links the URL pointed to that address will automatically run a script to display the desired message in your account page casualties.

According to Alfonso, the virus did not steal user passwords, but only take advantage of weaknesses that qualify Facebook users could write page up victims with free. So far, these fraudulent actions did not continue with further actions and only pollute the alias page spread spam. However, to avoid possible adverse change up your account passwords on a regular basis might be the best option to prevent theft of information.

From the discussion on page Share, apparently the virus has spread in the world since last year. Many also feel annoyed by the spam that spreads through the application. Strangely, Share application written not opened up, but when checked in the list of applications used by users that can be turned off, not on behalf of the application. No information from up to explain this Share application.

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