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Amazing Top Mini Rocketman Concept 2011

Category: Written by admin / 11.07
Making an innovative concept for urban mobility have seen the MINI grown into a successful brand that we know today. Underlying this success has been using creative space, a principle that enters new territory with MINI Concept Rocketman. Car of the study, which will be deployed to people throughout the world for the first time at the International Geneva Motor Show 2011 (March 3 to 13), harks back to the classic Mini in terms of exterior dimensions, while the technology points to the future of automotive design. A 3 +1- seater with 3 doors and more than 3 meters long (about 10 feet), the MINI Concept respond Rocketman basic requirements of a mobile lifestyle in big cities in the future by combining the brand’s core values ​​in concentrated form. Ingenious functions, smile-provoking agility, exceptional efficiency and attractive design come together to be incredibly exciting and innovative, but usually the MINI, the concept of subcompact cars for the premium segment. Innovative character of research is defined by the systematic application of the principles of lightweight design and interior are pure-bred directed to the variability of maximum driving fun and invincible.

A carbon spaceframe construction, striking surface structure seen on the front end of the car, around the doors and the hinterland, formed the basis for a weight-minimizing construction. Indeed, Rocketman MINI Concept offers the ideal platform to achieve exceptional efficiency. For this purpose, it is designed to allow integration of the drive system that combines the ability to run more fuel consumption improved by an average of only three liters per 100 kilometers (94 mpg imp).

Opening the doors wide to the double-hinge joints and sills facilitate integrated into the MINI Concept Rocketman. Lightweight contoured seats in the MINI style custom and can be arranged in various different positions. This allows owners to choose between driving pleasure of a maximum of two-up, the amount of comfortable space for three occupants, or even a highly efficient division of space to accommodate four seats.

Luggage capacity can be tailored to the needs of passengers such as flexible. Truck two parts consisting of one part attached to the roof and opened the very high, and the lower part that extends out from the body in the form of a drawer. Logic operations Rocketman MINI concept is also adapted to the demands of multiple layers of the target group of contemporary, mobility requirements established by their desire for driving fun, the possible use of a flexible and extensive connectivity with their lives outside the car. Central control unit can be taken out of the car and configured on the computer before the trip begins to update the navigation purposes, the music playlists or contact details to mobile communications.

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