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5 Various Photography Techniques

Category: Written by admin / 03.24
1. Depth of field (sharp space)
The things that affect the space sharply:
- Shooting distance (remote = broad, near = narrow)
- Aperture diaphragm (small = large, large = narrow)
- Lens focus distance / focal length (tele = narrow, wide = wide, normal = can be arranged)

Contoh foto dengan teknik depth of field

2. Panning
- Panning is one way to give the impression of motion in an image.
- When panning, you must follow the object during the shoot.
- The photo makes the object to be relatively sharp compared with the background that is almost completely blur.
- To get the maximum panning images, with low speed (80-60), and use a tripod (three feet).

3. Slow and stop action
- Slow action: one of the photographic technique that aims to show / capture movement of objects. Typically used in low speed, between 1 / 30 to 1 sec
- Stop action: reversal of slow, which is a technique of photography to freeze the motion of the object aimed at. Typically used in high speed, between 1 / 125 to 1 / 4000 or more.

Technical data:
- Camera: Nikon FM10
- Lens: 35-70 mm
- Speed​​: 8
- Diaphragm: 3.5
- ASA: 200
- Location: TBS

Camera: Canon 30D, speed: 10, diapragma: 5.6 ASA: 1600

Technical data:
- Camera: Nikon D100 Digital
- Lens: 28-105 mm Nikkor D
- Speed​​: 125 (with soft box)
- Diaphragm: 16
- ASA: 200

4. Zooming
Zooming is a photo-technique to give the impression of movement by changing the focal length lens.
- Changes in focal length can only be done with a zoom lens.
- To get an impression of motion, you should use a shutter speed of no more than 1 / 30 sec.
- To get the maximum zooming images, use a tripod (three feet)

Technical data:
- Camera: Nikon D100 Digital
- Lens: 28-80 Nikkor D
- Speed​​: 5 (with flash)
- Diaphragm: 3.5
- ASA: 400
- White balance: Flash

5. Bulb
- Shutter speed can be adjusted according to the time that we want.
- This technique is done by holding the shutter release button with longer.
- To get the maximum bulb photo, you can use a cable release and tripod.
- For example, we use the speed from 30 seconds to run out of time recording of light.

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