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Story Of Life, 9 Most Dangerous Woman in The World

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1. Aileen Wuornos, serial killer in AMERICAN ACTORS
This woman is incredible sadist, he conducted a series of shocking murders that community. She was woman, an inspiration of Hollywood filmmaking titled "Monster." Aileen memoir is as if shaping it into a cold-blooded killer.

Allegedly, childhood trauma and experience of these inner-security that destroy his soul. As a child, Aileen must accept the fact his father went to prison on charges of raping a 7-year-old girl. The days of too little, Aileen and her brother had been abandoned by his mother who went some where. As a result, since childhood he and his sister was raised by his grandparents.

2. The Manson Woman-5 FEMALE MURDERER
This sensational case occurred around 1969. The Manson family consisting of five women into a vicious killer. Sandra Good, Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten and Patricia "Katie" Krenwinkel the five beautiful and intelligent, but in fact behind the striking physical Manson had five children, the hidden nature of evil. Successfully revealed their crimes and they were thrown into prison.

Sandra Good

3. Sandra Avila Beltran, MEXICO DRUG CARTEL LEADER
The story of Sandra Avila quite surprising. At first glance he was not seen as criminals. This woman is also pretty smart. But who thought that it was he who controls the drug business, which is usually done by the men. He's running the drug organization with an iron hand and powerful, and its influence rattle among men who played in the same field.

He is the only woman who managed to occupy the highest position in this dark world of hard business. Although he was hard, but many have 'love' this woman as if she is a folk hero. Up until a ballad song was created for him,

They call it, "La Reina del Pacifico" (Queen of the Pacific). In 2001, the authorities managed to uncover as much as 9 tons of cocaine shipments. This discovery brings whiff authorities on Juan Diego Espinoza, kekasihSandra, who is also a U.S. fugitive. Finally, Sandra was also arrested

Her face was beautiful but who would have thought if he was involved in a number of harmful actions. Bank robberies, bombings, as well as the formation of the German militant group Red Army Faction (RAF), among others. He was known as a terrorist but also a folk hero, but no one questioned Ulrike and RAF as a villain.

The members of the communist left-wing urban guerrillas themselves, and organized in response to what they see as conservative deNazify reluctance to West German society. Although you may agree with his political views, but rather difficult to understand the cruel actions of Ulrike.

This woman initially was a journalist, he was also active in the Communist student organizations around ahir 60s. After that, he decided to leave her career in journalism, and work directly in the movement. With the help of armed soldiers, he helped the founders of the RAF, Andreas Baader escape from prison.

5. Marylin the Colombian Assassin

"High on a combination of the heady tropical climate, local rum, grade A cocaine and in the arms of nubile 22-year-old, fantasy and reality blurred Became. It felt like I was living in a Quentin Tarantino movie, "he wrote for British newspaper the Independent.

But Howe's acceptance Would soon sour. In his story, Howe describes one morning Pls Marilyn, now comfortable confiding in uterus, confesses to a horrifying crime. The previous night, she Had she decapitated and dismembered a woman for a friend WHO paid her to kill her boyfriend's other girlfriend. At this point, the sexiness of sleeping with an assassin born into a life of conflict disappears. At this point, she's nothing but a killer for hire WHO decapitated a lover's rival for money. That Is not sexy. It's disquieting, sickening, and just scary.

So Howe left. He Went back to shooting photos in Iraq and corresponding with Marilyn by email ... the which is safer Than face-to-face Pls it's a woman capable of killing at least 23 people in cold blood. After a period of silence, he Went back to visit her in Colombia, but he discovered That Had she been killed by the very AUC group Had she been working for.

Marilyn was 25, and she was the third daughter Had seen her Parents Murdered.

6. Aafia Siddiqui, ONE OF THE IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN Al Qaeda

No doubt, the case of Aafia Siddiqui is a strange and most confusing story in this list. According to the FBI, Siddiqui was arrested July 17, 2008, in Ghazni, Afghanistan. At examination, Aafia was suddenly seized a rifle and shoot an FBI team.

The action had been muted after two shots through his stomach. Once the story was launched. John Kiriakor said the arrest of Aafia is an important catch in five years terahir. John is a former CIA terrorist hunter.

7. Valerie Solanas, HATE ALL THE MAN UP TO fontanel
It seems none of the women in the world who have hatred towards all men to the fontanel. So hate on the man he issued a manifesto whose contents all men in the world to be killed. He wanted the world is only filled by women. He believed that men are the plague and must be destroyed from the earth. Manifesto 'odd' and terrible was named Scum or the Society for Cutting Up Men.

It is certain Valerie experiencing psychiatric disorders. Adverse childhood experiences that makes his soul is broken. As a child he had ever sexually abused by her father. Then he sent his mother that when it was 13 years old, lived with his grandfather.

Experiencing difficult times until finally he was expelled from the house. He was a bum at the age of 15 years. Piled gained revenge on his past is carried into adulthood, and made him vindictive hatred of all men.

8. Anne Grigg-Booth, Angel of Mercy
Originally she was a nurse at a hospital. Nurses should be responsible for the health of patients. But what happens is the opposite. He abused his power and getting into their patients with drugs.

9. Domino Harvey, Bounty Hunter

Domino story is strange and unique. He was lovely with the profession as a model. But then his model career she left behind and become a bounty hunter. Domino was the daughter of British actor, Laurence Harvey and model Paulene Stone. He grew up in kehidupanyang affluent, privileged and a good education.

In the beginning was expected he would follow her mother's footsteps as a model. But the acts of its horns somewhat inappropriate as a model. He tomboy, and very willing to use violence. In 1989 he went to Los Angeles and worked on farms in San Diego, then he worked as a volunteer fire department near the border with Mexico, before he trained as a hunter hadiah.Kisah interesting life was filmed.

His life was tragic, he was involved drug addiction that eventually killed him only a few months before the movie was released in 2005.

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