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Figures Of The World Has Ever Examined The FBI

Category: Written by admin / 18.12
This is a list of top celebrities whose activities attracted the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Not just a matter of political views are a concern but also their social life. Among others who might have known is Marilyn Monroe who became the object of life, including her social time with a number of leading figures, about his life, even until his death which allegedly improper itu.Bintang other is Frank Sinarta, famous singer who disasuskan associated with the mafia, or John Lennon who strongly opposed the Vietnam war.

1.Marilyn Monroe
Hollywood famous stars '60s era is dead due to over dose in 1963. When he suddenly died, a lot of growing speculation about his death. One of the rumors are actually killed because Monroe was murdered.

After his death, the FBI conduct an investigation with many theories about the possible death of famous stars are found to tewasover dose. Including investigating the possibility that the cause of Monroe's suicide because her boyfriend a married man, broke up with him. Also investigated rumors surrounding the death of Monroe's relationship with a number of figures. The rise of rumors that agents 'right wing' FBI and CIA, the Mafia even has links with the deaths including Robert F. Kennedy is said to have an affair with the sexy woman.

2. Frank Sinatra

Popularity, fame Frank Sinarta achieved through a melodious voice. Song "Blue Eyes" is loved all over the world. But secretly in the middle kemasyurannya, FBI 'spy' and always 'watching' Frank Sinarta. A remarkable are the files that collect the FBI is the largest and most large files that had been prepared for a penghibur.Berkas it consists of 1300 pages that contain the majority of Frank's alleged ties to the Mafia Sinarta. Name Sinarta put together the names of members of the Gambino Mafia, Lucco and Mafia families, Carillo, who was accused of extorting a New York stockbroker who sold their shares for $ 100,000.


Actually the FBI never investigate this Hollywood's biggest stars, therefore the file at the FBI is not too much. Only in the FBI files reveal a lot of extortion threats made against him, as well as various kinds of materials pertaining to anti-communist stance during Wayne in Hollywood. In the 1950s, Wayne joined Walt Disney, Clark Gable, and other entertainers to help U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee in exposing Communists working in the film industry.


Albert Einstein, Physics renowned expert in the world did not escape the 'espionage' FBI. This is because of its association with the Communist Party in which Albert is also a sponsoring member of the party. Noted also that Einstein has joined with 34 existing kumunis group during 1937-1954. He also became honorary chairman of three communist organizations.

5. John Lennon

The FBI collects approximately 248 page file on John Lennon in 1971-72. Investigations conducted when the FBI learned that John Lennon contributed $ 75,000 to the group that planned to disrupt the Republican National Convention in 1972, in which President Nixon would run for president for the second period. There are allegations, the probe was also something to do with the activity of the active Lennon denounced the Vietnam War.

6. Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin FBI files about covering 2060 pages archived on CD-ROM. There diunngkap Chaplin was born in London by the name of Charles Spencer Chaplin. He came to America and became a successful comedian in the silent film era. In 1919 he founded United Artists with Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, and DW Griffith. He has never become American citizens. He died in exile in Switzerland in 1977 after his death, Chaplin's body was stolen from his grave and held for ransom .. His body was later found in a cornfield near the cemetery in Vevey Switzerland.

In other parts also disclosed about his political views and his personal life. Chaplin FBI first received attention in the early 1920s because of his political views are left-kirian. Assistant to the Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, wrote in his memo that Chaplin is one Hollywood star who became 'room Bolsheviki ". A review of Chaplin increased after the film Modern Times 1936 and The Great Dictator" in 1941.
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