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Amazing Top 10 Most Unique Watches

Category: Written by admin / 07.32
10. Cassette Face Watch

Hours are cool
no clock on the right, on the left there are minute
which makes it unique is the design of which resembles a tape winder
price: $ 35

9. E-Ink Digital Watch

This clock is apparently just biasa2
but the truth behind it all is a highly sophisticated technology

This clock is called e-ink because it's digital display screen is pure like a computer screen (not manual ato LED)
price: $ 275

8. Scientific Weather Forecast Watch

Hours are very sophisticated
The technology developed from the barometer and clock
By using pressure and humidity, this clock can determine the weather
price: $ 50

7. Brookstone Digital Photo Watch

Bored with the background at a so-so only
This is the only clock that can be changed backgroundnnya so you do not get bored with the interface at which only so-so only
price: $ 99.95

6. uWatch

Your desk a mess?
forgot to put the calculator where?

You will not forget it anymore because your calculator in your hand stuck
equipped with the Casio CFX-400 scientific calculator, this clock is one hour of the most unique because of its dual function
price: $ 99

5. Skull Candy McGyver Watch

Surely all tau donk McGyver movie?
do we all know if McGyver bgt tu sophisticated, like a clock on this one

Equipped with build-in mp3 player that can hold 1GB of songs, this hour can play all kaskusers favorite songs wherever and whenever wherever and whenever yap ..
not only that, the clock is also equipped with 5 kinds equilizer and usb drive
price: $ 99

4. Astrodea Celestial Watch

Hours are pretty cool but complicated
useful if the geologists and meteorologists
ttp useful but if you have a hobby in astronomy

by using a predetermined precision, this clock can determine approximately 90% of stars exist in the near earth
price: $ 600

3. Hidden USB Watch

Information is the most important thing in this modern era

Neither would ever watch donk film2 spy gt, that they should take caution if gt usb critically important data contents

Well now we can at least feel it's a secret agen2
with this hour, we can use the usb in it without anyone aware if there is a usb
not only that, the usb is there in it capacity 4GB
price: $ 60

2. Garmin Forerunner 405

This clock is made specifically for sports fans
ga surprised at this entrance rank 2, because the clock is equipped with a GPS (global position system) to determine the start - we finish the run, also to know the distance we travel

ga only that, the clock is also equipped with monitors time, speed run, and also our heart rate (rich in Hulk gt).
and a more severe and, at this well equipped with WiFi wireless technology, also with a usb cable so that we can transfer our data into the computer data in a run we'll be recorded and we observe from day to day
price: $ 300

1. Cellphone Watch

Emang deserve to be no.1 this hour
with existing technology, this clock can also be a phone, even a smart phone with a touchscreen

Do not stop there, this clock jg equipped with bluetooth technology and mp3 player. Price: $ 135
Thank for sharing!

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