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9 Types of Birds of The Most Dangerous in The World

Category: Written by admin / 09.33
Type of the Most Dangerous Bird in the World. The most bizarre thing in the world was still many, ranging from the most bizarre-looking, most frightening weather, till the most expensive food and drinks. This time there is again the most dangerous bird in the world. Some names are declared the most dangerous bird in the world.

Here are nine types of the Most Dangerous Bird in the World:

1. Cassowaries
Cassowary, an endangered species, large birds that live in rain forests, forest and swamp in Australia. Cassowary unpredictable, aggressive and known for their large feet, and was also scratched. Kick they are able to solve the bone, and they have claws can be equated with a dagger.

2. Ostriches
Ostrich is a bird nervous and can be dangerous. They are the largest birds that are still there (they can reach more than nine feet and 350 pounds) and speed they run very large (up to 30 miles per hour for 10 miles straight). Like the cassowary, they have strong legs (they kick can kill a hyena), also have sharp claws.

3. Canada Geese
Canada geese are very aggressive, especially if you (intentionally or unintentionally) near their nests or their young, then they will chase you to go and even bite you.

4. Seagulls
Gulls are very aggressive and is known for frequent attacks and even peck at the heads of the people to protect the nest and her child. In fact, the British people forced to carry umbrellas to avoid the attack, at least one woman was taken to the emergency room with deep beak wounds to the head, and the dogs were killed by the birds.

5. Owls
Owls are Raptors, or birds of prey, and they use the claws and beak to kill, capture and eat. In an enclosed space, or if the bird is in fear or anxiety, can cause serious harm to you.

6. Hawks and Falcons
Like other vultures, they have sharp talons and powerful beak which is used for hunting, along with speed and agility, creating a serious danger to humans, even if only a baby bird (its half-life 'can also be configured specifically for cutting through the spinal cord from their prey.)

7. Eagles
Eagle is a strong animal (strong enough to carry something that weighs four pounds), aggressive birds, and although they are not much danger for humans in the wild, in an enclosed space the claws and beak they can endanger humans with ease. (FYI, they can eat about half a kilo of fish in four minutes.)

8. Vultures
If cornered, a vulture (now many endangered species) can hiss or make a low grunting sound to you. They, of course, also has a sharp curved beak that can injure the flesh, along with very good eyesight.

9. Rheas
The Rhea, South American native, is a large bird that can grow on the weight of 60-80 kilograms. Although smaller than the ostrich and not aggressive like cassowaries, rheas have legs berotototot, hard spurs on their legs and kick them to bring the strength of 800 pounds per square inch.

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