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10 Most Beautiful Sexy Women Tennis Players

Category: Written by admin / 05.57
Tennis is one of those sports events where fashion and glamour have a big impact. It is also known as one of the glamorous sports events in the world. Its history also talks in favor of it. Tennis was invented in the Victorian age and it was a popular source of pastime to young ladies. They were to walk smartly in the court to show their smartness which was important equally with performance. So, it is worthless to say that glamour and fashion both the two are inevitable in tennis. I tried to find some of the leading tennis players in terms of their beauty and fashion.

10. Elena Dementieva,Russian women

9. Jelena Jankovic, Serbian women

8. Vojislava Lukic, Serbian women

7. Jelena Dokic,Australian women

6. Ashley Harkleroad, American women

5. Kris Evert, American women

4. Maria Sharapova, Russian women

3. Alona Bondarenko,Ukrain women

2. Ana Ivanovic, Serbian women

1. Anna-Kournikova, Russian women

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